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As a walk on all occasions "package" on its body from the canvas to lead: leather, mainstream or simple or practical design always men’s bags. (from: GQ men’s network) envelope package is too small, too old bag, carrying them, even into the bar also comes with a talk about business flavor. But with the infiltration of formal ranks of casual clothing, a large bag with you on a voyage to the venue, to. Think about it, a simple double handle bag, the volume is not small, just books, materials, pad what is more be nothing difficult. Throw it in the side, drink coffee, office or what kind of atmosphere it can easily integrate. As a walk on all occasions, all the "package" on it, of course, is not what kind of bag can be the perfect coordination of arbitrary occasions. Rich color pattern limited edition handbag is more suitable for the seaside resort, and not suitable for urban daily. The color and texture of simple low-key handbag is more suitable for office and leisure. Want Les Essentiels handbag with smooth lines, minimalist accessories and neutral color, make it work, travel and travel good helper. With a gray or dark blue with it, there will be a better effect. Want Les Essentiels leather trim Organic Cotton Canvas Handbag functionality and style of the brand integration has never been easy, but Master-Piece has done. Protect the waterproof fabric file package and supplies security, the size of the pockets and compartments for the need to carry large and small things; straps arbitrary on – if you want to go through a bustling about, run around here and there working day, this bag is best suited for. Master-Piece leather trim Canvas Handbag even a brand new bag, carry in his hand there are quite a lot of "experience" rain "the taste of love — if you make them look more sophisticated and Maison Margiela handbag will fit. Soft grain leather and retro style, make it more suitable for those in the 70s flight jacket, sandy desert boots pedal people. Maison Margiela grain leather handbag sometimes, people always need some simple things to adjust too troublesome life. If you normally need to wear the same clothes busy rush, it is better to change a simple package to adjust. Simple, generous, durable, never out of date, Paul Smith this is the existence of a rectangular handbag. Paul Smith leather handbag  相关的主题文章: