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Who is making the housing bubble: land supply decline residents who are making the housing bubble rising leverage – reporter Fei Yangsheng Peng Yang of the housing bubble has become the National hot topic. Prices rise in August staged in the 123 line of the city together, Nanjing land prices break through the ceiling after the "Yaohao" phenomenon, Hangzhou became Xiamen, Suzhou after a hot city…… On the one hand, housing prices in "a bit scary" atmosphere continue to rise, on the other hand, the regulation of the continuous introduction of "can play a role in" doubt. Why prices are expected to continue to rise? How to effectively prevent the bubble burst? China Securities Journal reporter tried to provide the answer to the puzzle from the asset shortage, liquidity, land supply and other angles. Capital asset shortage under the restlessness: "herding" the National Bureau of statistics released on 19 August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price data show that the city housing prices were up, the number has increased one or two, three line city new residential and second-hand housing prices rose also continue to expand. Rise, the property market this year has become the theme of the word. Not only is the price rise, land prices are rising, however, grab the room, grab the phenomenon in the first tier cities and some hot cities staged repeatedly. Many information management will be attributed to this round of skyrocketing housing prices due to the active choice of investment funds. In the interest rate downward cycle and the market-oriented reform of interest rate situation, the attractiveness of deposits is gradually reduced, while the Internet Financial flourished in a series of risk events under the impact of high yield is also faded aura, a weak stock market and bond market risk just against the break has prompted investors more cautious. In the categories of assets, more than 20 years of long bull market in real estate today is still thriving. China’s economy is mainly rely on real estate, real estate can not collapse, is the biggest reason for many buyers to buy a firm, even if the future prices fell, the range is limited, is the most hedge assets. This has been the financial crisis since 2008, the trend of price verification. Haitong Securities chief economist Li Xunlei seems that the real estate market is the existence of invisible just against the. The largest invisible just from the government sector to support the real estate industry. This is because the real estate investment can drive up to the industry, such as steel, cement, nonferrous metals, chemical industry, household appliances, furniture, and real estate investment in the real estate sales smooth and can bring considerable cash flow return, and the current infrastructure investment cash flow return rarely, but the debt is growing quickly. Societe Generale Securities analyst Yan Changming believes that asset shortages tend to appear in the monetary easing cycle, most of these excess funds eventually entered the real estate as the representative of the stock of assets. Japan in the 1980-1989’s monetary environment is very relaxed, at this stage the release of excess liquidity is more likely to be used to buy the stock of assets, namely access to land, the real estate market and the stock market, thus forming the largest bull market of Japanese real estate history. In the land market, this year, the developers throw billions of pounds to buy land. Centaline Research Center statistics show that as of August相关的主题文章: