The song sound final 81 judges cast 92 votes in the voting for repeated reading

The song sound final 81 judges cast 92 votes in the voting for repeatedly reading Beijing News News (reporter morning) last night, "the new song" China finals in the nest war, from Xinjiang Bortala Autonomous Prefecture of Mongolia by Jiang Dunhao, a folk song "wind song" window beat Singapore hand to Yang won the title. However, there are careful audience found that the game site has 81 professional review, the score of the championship battle is 45:47. Why the 81 cast 92 votes? In this regard, the program group said temporarily respond. According to informed sources at the scene, there were only 81 judges voted. "That’s right. Vote is a vote cast brush, but did not expect a long induction time, the voting machine will be repeated read. The system can not avoid a person can vote, plus more than 11 votes on the brush." The audience vote, Jiang Dunhao to 56.7% of the support rate of more than 43.3% of the ocean, which has become the key to its success. In addition, in the final scene, "China good tongue less regression, many viewers questioned: has presided over this show Li Yong gone? In this regard, the program group, said Li Yong overworked because of suffering from conjunctivitis, in the finals did not heal the fashion, so it was regrettable absence.相关的主题文章: