The embodiment of the envy of Kong Xiaozhen on behalf of the other side of the love of Han Jiuli tol diamondprox

The embodiment of jealousy Kong Xiaozhen on behalf of Han Jiuli on behalf of the other side of the sea to tell the secret of celebrity or beautiful VS or charm in order to work will not retreat, no matter what efforts to complete the actor Kong Xiaozhen (). Or beautiful   VS or charm   for the sake of the works will never retreat, no matter what efforts to complete the actor Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin). Actresses want to dress up and show the most beautiful side. Therefore, in the choice of roles, most of them would like to choose a more gorgeous role, but Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin) is different, especially in the film ‘carrot miss’, which is not a beautiful interpretation of female teachers. She used to say "don’t choose this role", because of fears that henceforth only in some offensive role, but she told me "Dean, in fact I am also very worried, but as an actor, you can want to challenge the interpretation of the role."     I think,   it’s her courage as an actress. As a result, on the screen, as expected, in order to appear in the image of the poor, but we recognized her on the next level of acting, and thus won praise. Because there is such a passion, but also starred in the same sex lovers, unmarried mother, three streams of actors and other topics. Actress Kong Xiaozhen () of the ‘Beauty Style’ in the drama series "thank you", Kong Xiaozhen () basic one hour a day in the crew life. It’s basically the same in the filming of the incarnation of jealousy. In order to digest busy schedule, the state of the skin will certainly decline. For a long time make-up, acne and other skin problems will arise. So when she was waiting for the shooting, and occasionally after the makeup and then re makeup. When acne and other skin problems, as soon as possible sensitive management and replenishment of moisture management. Occasionally deposited in the car or a mask to improve physical strength of intravenous injection. Fashion pioneer Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin) became the "Queen pin here ‘, fashion pioneer Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin) fashion story is indispensable. Kong Xiaozhen (    Kong Hyo Jin;) the illusion of stature so that everyone envy. Therefore, no matter what kind of dress along her, will give people a sense of refinement. In addition, she also has a kind of ability to adjust the inappropriate dress. Weekdays, Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin) prefer to choose knitted, jeans, leather jackets, dresses and other comfortable clothes. Because it is comfortable and beautiful, so a lot of people like to follow her footsteps with clothing. In real life, she starred in the film, the costumes and the jewelry worn in the TV series were all sold. The reason is that you can give others’ I want to dress like Kong Xiaozhen, it should be beautiful ‘this sense of identity.   in the upcoming film of the month, ‘Missing: the lost woman’, Kong Xiaozhen (Kong Hyo Jin) is about to emerge with a new look in front of the public. In the drama, show not inner gloomy eyes, dig deep crying scene, so the audience is expected to leave behind the deep aftertaste. Also served.相关的主题文章: