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Tadashi Shoji fans Jiang Xin, dressed in a blue fairy crony you to come and watch her favorite show! [Abstract] I am plump female nerve – Jiang Xin, together with you Tadashi Shoji spring 2017 couture clothing series fashion show opening. New York local time on September 9th, Tadashi Shoji 2017 spring and summer women’s clothing series fashion show wonderful opening. The new season is full of fairies, compared with 16 years of spring and summer, the design of Tadashi Shoji is more agile, lightweight, lace wrapped body large, feather tassels heavy feeling stirs up a new season of vigor. Fortunately, the goddess Jiang Xin took us to this dream show, as Tadashi Shoji fans she will bring what kind of mystique son to us? Jiang Xin was wearing a Tadashi Shoji 17 spring blue printed chiffon dress, elegant sitting on the runway waiting for tonight’s fairy feast. Of course, can not miss this chance and the empress together, come take a look at the following did you want to know. Jiang Xin: I’m the extra baggage sector female nerve is most suitable for the Tencent to New York Tang Dynasty costumes fashion: what do you love most, this time to have what want to go places, what’s the plan? Jiang Xin: I’m really in a hurry, because after a while the show is over, I’m going to the airport, and I’m going back because it’s still working there. Tencent are: whether it is drama, as TADASHI’s biggest fan, in the song of joy two, most likely to wear the new clothes which one? Jiang Xin: This is not yet clear, because we have not started the second quarter of the model, and the script is not completely out, I do not know how to dress up fan. It is Tadashi Shoji the empress Zhong powder ah ~ Tencent: will you choose to fashion clothing in a play? Jiang Xin: it depends on the script, I will meet with the characters and characters, what can the Tencent are: netizens are feeling cut called you fat goddess, you agree with this opinion? He is this little princess or intimate sister Jiang you feel in life? Jiang Xin: I can not, I am a woman of nerve plump. Tencent fashion: there are friends that you are most suitable for costume modeling, which do you like the dress of the dynasty? Jiang Xin: from the figure, I should be more suitable for the Tang dynasty. Tencent fashion: how do you feel when you’re starring in the TV series "the blind", and the CP Lu Yi? In micro-blog, you mentioned that "every day to get married, tired, wearing a wedding dress self, the majority of users are more concerned about what time do you get married? Jiang Xin: I can’t wait for that. Tencent fashion: I heard that you usually like sports and fitness, what is the favorite project, what are the most effective, and you can share it? Jiang Xin: I like riding a bike, I particularly like the kind of fast, the speed of riding a dynamic bicycle, in fact, then, after the end must be good to stretch, or really easy legs thick. Tencent fashion: do you usually house it? Engineer相关的主题文章: