Strategic partnership between China and Bangladesh (Quan Wen) 660003

Chinese and Bangladesh to establish strategic cooperative partnership (Quan Wen) original title: People’s Republic of China and People’s Republic of Bangladesh Joint Declaration on the establishment of a strategic partnership joint statement (Quan Wen) Xinhua news agency in Dhaka in October 14, People’s Republic of China and People’s Republic of Bangladesh on the establishment of a strategic partnership, the president of People’s Republic of Bangladesh Mohamed · Abdel · Hamid invited President Xi Jinping, People’s Republic of China from October 14, 2016 to 15, the state visit to bangladesh. The visit opened a new chapter in the traditional friendship between the two countries, the development of bilateral relations has important historical significance. Two, during the visit, President Xi Jinping and President Hamid respectively with Bangladesh Sheikh · prime minister Hasina and Shireen · speaker Chowdhury held talks and meetings. Both sides exchanged in-depth views on bilateral relations and international and regional issues of common concern, and reached broad consensus. Three, the two sides expressed their satisfaction with the rapid progress of the traditional friendship and bilateral cooperation between the two countries. The two sides believe that China, as a populous and developing country, the cooperation, development and prosperity of the two countries, is conducive to enhancing the well-being of the two peoples, but also will promote the development of the region and the development of self-improvement. Based on the strong willingness of both sides to develop friendly cooperation and broad prospects for cooperation between the two countries, the two sides agreed to promote bilateral relations as a strategic cooperative partnership. Four, the two sides reaffirmed, will continue to adhere to the important principles of bilateral relations development, including the development of bilateral relations in the five principles of peaceful coexistence, respect and support each other according to their national conditions chosen path of development, respect and support each other’s core interests and major concerns. China appreciates Bangladesh’s adherence to the one China principle and its support for China’s support for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity on issues concerning China’s core interests. Bangladesh thanked China for its support for Bangladesh’s efforts to safeguard its independence, sovereignty and national stability and development. Five, both sides agreed to strengthen bilateral high-level exchanges, active use of international multilateral occasions held a meeting between the two leaders, expand the cooperation between the governments, legislatures, political parties and between the two peoples of all levels of exchanges and cooperation, deepen mutual trust. The two sides agreed to hold regular diplomatic consultations between Bangladesh and China in order to implement the consensus of leaders of the two countries to exchange views on bilateral relations and international and regional affairs. Six, Meng Fang praised the "Silk Road Economic Belt" in twenty-first Century and "maritime Silk Road" ("The Belt and Road") initiative, believe that this initiative will be completed in 2021 for Bangladesh achieve middle-income countries and developed countries in 2041 to become the target of more important opportunities. The two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral strategic docking, to fully tap the potential for cooperation in various fields, to promote the "The Belt and Road" construction, the two countries to achieve sustainable development and common prosperity. Seven, the two sides agreed to expand and deepen cooperation in trade and investment, infrastructure, energy cooperation, energy, electricity, transportation, information and communications, agriculture as the focus areas to promote pragmatic cooperation in bangladesh. Government departments in the two countries will strengthen exchanges in the above areas of policy, to provide regulatory cards for bilateral cooperation相关的主题文章: