Southerly chemical sell than the toothpaste business was 0 yuan disposal

Southerly chemical "sell" than the toothpaste business was 0 yuan about disposal of domestic brands of toothpaste, most people may think Liangmianzhen, Yunnan Baiyao etc.. As everyone knows, the old chemical listed companies (000737) have Nafine chemical industry own brand of toothpaste. On the evening of September 28th, the company a paper asset disposal announcement, so that the company has been unknown toothpaste business into the public eye. According to the announcement, the company intends to southerly chemical, Nanfeng toothpaste 100% stake and Huaian southerly salt hold 40% equity to the controlling shareholder hill salt. Among them, South all the toothpaste equity valuation was 0, but Huaian southerly salt had the value of money. The transaction is expected to bring about 52 million 800 thousand yuan of revenue for listed companies, which will undoubtedly greatly reduce the pressure of the company in the second half of the turnaround. 0 yuan sale toothpaste business according to the southerly chemical announcement, Nanfeng toothpaste was founded in 1998, the registered capital of 9 million 755 thousand yuan, a wholly owned chemical industry. Nanfeng toothpaste toothpaste and toothbrush is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of washing products sales. Although belonging to the veteran subsidiary, but from the financial data, it seems in Nanfeng toothpaste industry pattern of Nafine chemical industry has always been a "chicken ribs". As of June 30, 2016, Nanfeng toothpaste not audited total assets of 10 million 799 thousand and 700 yuan, net assets of 32 million 44 thousand and 500 yuan; 2016 1~6 months, the company achieved operating income of 4 million 890 thousand and 200 yuan, net profit of 1 million 144 thousand and 700 yuan loss. In fact, Nanfeng toothpaste maintained a "small loss" situation has been for many years. 2015, the company achieved revenue of 15 million 989 thousand and 300 yuan, net profit loss of $974 thousand and 700. Perhaps the limited size and other reasons, in the periodic report of Nanfeng chemical disclosure in recent years, the performance of Nanfeng toothpaste has not been separately listed, only to find its traces from some small acquisitions. The investment treasure note, December 2013, announcement that the southerly chemical, invested 300 thousand yuan took the Nanfeng toothpaste from 3.1% nangguang industrial hands, in order to achieve 100% stake. According to the announcement revealed that Nanfeng toothpaste in 2012 operating income 8 million 103 thousand and 900 yuan, net profit loss of 3 million 425 thousand and 400 yuan; 2013 1~9 month, Nanfeng toothpaste achieved operating income of 7 million 288 thousand and 500 yuan, net profit of 1 million 505 thousand and 800 yuan loss. According to the South Chemical official website, the company’s brand of toothpaste as "a net", in addition to a dental calculus, specializes in Shu min and salt biogain varieties. According to announcements, toothpaste in recent years mainly southerly southerly chemical production of washing products, the main products of toothpaste yield far less than its actual capacity. In addition, the company take the Nafine internal order system, the lack of independent marketing team. High margin toothpaste market share of the product is low, while the low value of the low cost of processing products, resulting in the current state of loss. The pressure losses greatly reduced the transaction in December 31, 2015 as the valuation date, Nanfeng toothpaste of all shareholders’ equity book value of -3089.98 million yuan, to assess the value of 19 million 580 thousand yuan, value-added rate of 36.相关的主题文章: