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The joint communique (Quan Wen) – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Beijing in September 14, the Sino Vietnamese joint communique, Premier Li Keqiang invited People’s Republic of China, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu on September 10, 2016 to 15 on the official visit Chinese. During the visit, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang held talks with Prime Minister Nguyen Chun Fu, chairman of the NPC Standing Committee Zhang Dejiang, CPPCC Chairman Yu Zhengsheng met with Prime Minister Nguyen Chun fu. The two sides in a friendly and frank atmosphere, briefed each other on the party and the country, in-depth exchange of views on the new situation to further deepen the comprehensive strategic partnership and international and regional issues of common concern, and reached broad consensus. In addition to Beijing, Premier Ruan Chunfu also attended the thirteenth China ASEAN Expo and the China ASEAN Business and Investment Summit held in Nanning, and visited the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and Hongkong special administrative region. Two, the two sides are pleased with the achievements of economic and social development of the two countries. Vietnam China sincerely wish the party and the government successfully built a prosperous, democratic and civilized and harmonious modern socialist country. We sincerely wish the Vietnamese party, the country and the people to achieve victory in the Viet Cong twelve proposed innovation and the socialist construction tasks and goals, to make people rich, Guo Qiang, Vietnam become democratic, fair and civilized modern industrial countries. Three, the two sides believe that the Sino Vietnamese friendship is a valuable asset for both parties and people of the two countries should jointly inherit, maintain and carry forward good. In the current international situation in the rapid evolution of complex background, the two sides will stick to the principle of mutual respect, strengthen strategic communication, enhance political mutual trust, deepen mutually beneficial cooperation, have proper control and handling differences and problems, promote the comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to continue the healthy and stable development, to bring tangible benefits to the two peoples and make a positive contribution to promoting regional peace and stability and prosperity. Four, the two sides agreed to maintain close high-level contact with the traditional parties through a flexible way, on bilateral relations and major issues of international and regional situation timely exchange of views, to strengthen the development of Sino Vietnamese relations lead and guide. Give full play to the role of China Vietnam bilateral cooperation Steering Committee in promoting the implementation of high-level consensus between the two countries. The effective implementation of 20162020 stage bipartisan plan, strengthening the governing experience exchanges, seminars run parties theory, implement bipartisan cadre training cooperation program (20162020 years), strengthen the party central departments and local Party organizations in the border provinces especially exchanges and cooperation. We will strengthen friendly exchanges and cooperation between the Chinese people’s Congress and the National People’s Congress, the Chinese people’s Political Consultative Conference, and the Vietnam fatherland front. Five, the two sides agreed to continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of foreign affairs, national defense, security and law enforcement. Make good use of existing cooperation mechanism and cooperation agreement between the two sides. The implementation of the cooperation between the two foreign ministries to keep the two protocol, the leadership of the Ministry of communication and communication departments often counterparts. Strengthen military exchanges between the two countries and the law enforcement forces, held joint patrols in the Beibu Gulf and maritime search and rescue相关的主题文章: