Shanghai, Pudong and London, the results of cooperation in the field of shipping in Shanghai – China

Cooperation between Shanghai Pudong and London shipping field published in new network – new network in Shanghai in September 12, in Shanghai (Miu Luyu Rose) seventh international shipping development strategy seminar 12 days in Shanghai kicked off, "British shipping high-end talent development program of outstanding student award ceremony and Shanghai shipping and financial industry base settled. Held on the same day, the two project is the latest achievements and successful cases of Shanghai Pudong New Area and London to carry out international cooperation in the field of shipping. In January this year, the most authoritative China shipping occupation qualification Agency – the Department of transportation occupation qualification center, international shipping agency — the only occupation standard is accredited by the Royal Institute of chartered ship economic and Shanghai Pudong New Area shipping service office jointly signed the strategic cooperation agreement of high-end shipping personnel training, and in the free Trade Zone start shipping talent "double certification" pilot project. March and in August has completed two professional training, a total of 31 students to get the Sino British high-end shipping talent development plan special vocational ability certificate". Shanghai shipping and financial industry base is located in Shanghai free trade zone B World Expo area, is committed to build government services, public services, personnel services, financial services, IT services and health care services such as the six characteristics of the platform to attract well-known international shipping enterprises and related institutions settled, actively promote and promote the Shanghai and other countries of the area of shipping the development of exchanges. Currently, the industrial base online service platform MFECOnline has been formally launched. It is understood that in 2015, Pudong New Area Port Waigaoqiao and Yangshan Port total container throughput of 33 million 572 thousand TEUs, the port of Shanghai accounted for more than 90% of the total, to promote the Shanghai port container throughput for 6 consecutive years ranked first in the world; Pudong airport cargo throughput of 3 million 270 thousand tons, 8 consecutive years ranked the world’s third airport. Pudong New Area has reached world-class freight hub support capacity. Deputy director of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, Pudong New Area vice mayor Jane Danian said, since this year, Pudong New Area took the lead in the country launched the high-end shipping personnel training "double certification" landing mode pilot, promote foreign ship management and a number of measures to open the project, the deepening of international transit, international ship registration, expand aircraft ships and other functions of the bonded repair. And learn from the successful experience of London, accelerate the construction of Shanghai shipping industry base, free trade ship supply service platform and a series of public service platform. As for the next step of the plan, Jane said, to 2020, the Pudong New Area’s shipping industry to build an international shipping hub as the center, the modern shipping service gathering area for the two wings". The city of London Mao Jiefei believes that Britain really need to talk to Chinese cooperation, Pudong and London each other in shipping have strengths, need to learn from each other, learn from each other. "Shipping is an important infrastructure of international trade, the need for a more in-depth cooperation with international partners, especially as China such countries, because we have a common goal, so we should find out the ways to better cooperation". (end)相关的主题文章: