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Seongsan Sunrise Peak, not only to meet the sunrise, the legendary female sea tourism – Sohu from Seoul to the "Hawaii" of the Jeju Island, in the air, the first glimpse, is Hallasan; after landing, the first stop is Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Seongsan Sunrise Peak is located in the eastern part of Jeju Island, is a towering rock at the top, there is a huge volcano, 100 thousand years ago the submarine volcano eruption formed in 2007 was designated as a UNESCO World Natural heritage. Seongsan Sunrise Peak is well connected to the mountain, watch the sunrise. Arrived in the rain, although can not see the sunrise, but also can see a rain in Jeju, do not have some flavor. At the foot of the mountain, yellow grass, a burst of autumn, the weather is good when riding, meet the rainy weather, can also be walking on the lawn, listening to the sound of the sea foot. If there is a fate, to the other side of Seongsan Sunrise Peak, in the sea, but also to meet the legendary sea girl. The sea is Jeju Island and even the entire South Korean female population will soon disappear, they wore goggles, wearing a conjoined rubber suit, with high diving skills, drill into the sea, to capture the adhesion on the seafloor of the abalone, conch and other seafood. Because of hard work, has few young women when the sea woman, now the female sea is mostly over 60 years old grandmother. It is said that they often appear on the other side of Seongsan Sunrise Peak, salvage in the sea, selling on the shore, fresh cheap. Just meet, need fate. On the way to the mountains, I heard the story of the sea girl, want to go down the mountain after a look, but just to plan, and that the sea waves, the probability of meeting the sea girl almost zero. Since this meant to be, then, will ease, along the path along the cliff, slowly towards the top of the hill, the sea breeze blowing, pour with rain, listening to the sea and waves, at the foot of the mountain and the city far away. At the foot of the city village house riotous with colour, dotted with misty misty rain, looking down, a little melancholy heart, also will disperse. The mountain is not high, not to mention the magnificent, standing in the rain, but because of the three surface of the cliff, green forest, black stone, the ancient volcano volcano, seem mysterious, attracted me to explore. Climbed to the top of the volcano was sunken, view instantly open, although the day in front of the sea and hidden in the rain, but also can imagine the spectacular sunrise to. Stay for a long time at the top of the mountain, the sleeping volcano of Jeju Island, overlooking the misty rain, until the time, only along the edge of the cliff path along the cliff, slowly down the hill. Although did not see the sunrise, did not find the sea girl, some regret, but the wind blowing to Jeju, heard the sea of Jeju, touched the stone of Jeju. And that regret, perhaps, is the reason to come again. Author introduction: sleep not remember, Ctrip traveler, Lotto columnist, travel experience division Sina micro-blog: @ McGregor bank note相关的主题文章: