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S6 broke the world finals competition team faces League S6 world finals approaching, whether the game or the game is very exciting, the following is a brief review of recent news of the contest area. LPL EDG patch division live most of the time in August in preparation for the playoffs, so by the end of the month they appeared live long phenomenon of collective compensation. Fans have said "at the beginning of the month at the end of the wrong people, make live", and is also the director said at the end of the month "desperate" live. Three little leaving in September 1st, micro-blog announced three less Royal electronic athletics club left just added soon, the current whereabouts unknown, user views for this matter is not the same, but no matter what, three less under the leadership of the corps had excellent results, I wish the three little better. LCK division SKT collective travel Philippines with ROX won the championship in the LCK finals, SKT also because ranking "lying" into the S6, after a year of intense competition, SKT group in August 29th, traveling to relax, everyone had a smile on the face of the team. Auxiliary God Madlife reduced minor league at the end of the season. A few happy tears, as a LCK veteran team now known as failed to avoid relegation, aided the God of Madlife will be reduced to a minor league. Taking into account the factors of age, M God or retire to end his career. After the LCS.NA division TSM sixth times in the S series game TSM3:1 win over C9, let TSM sixth into the S series of games, TSM is the only team never missed S series team. It is worth mentioning that this victory will also Doublelift the old club CLG into S6 CLG, after the game coach joked: "we this trip the most funny, come to Toronto, then see another team to help us qualify for the world cup……" LCS.EU G2 G2 has achieved two consecutive division champion in the spring in MSI, but the poor performance of them has been questioned, the defending race summer so that they can return to the world arena, G2 also need to demonstrate to the audience that victory in the European dominance. LMS FW S6   J-Team helicopter division; ability to breakthrough in Jay Chou J-team after the acquisition performance soared, but in the LMS finals or lost the strength of the FW, which makes them lose the chance to directly qualify for the world finals, but can still through the bubbling tournament for the last one LMS division places. What the strongest surface can tight encirclement, into the world, September 4th will see the outcome. IWCQ division Asian team ahead of the game in other seed division fight fight at outrance occasion, wild card also had a qualifying division, the eight teams selected will compete in the two world game places. August 30th end of the group stage, a total of 4 teams qualify for the semi-finals, the Japanese team Rampage and the Vietnamese team Saigon Jokers were eliminated, missed S6. (the Sina L4ughing gaming)相关的主题文章: