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Red ladykiller Yang Xiuzhu returning to surrender China overseas pursuit inventory road – Beijing yesterday at 3 pm, BeiJing Capital Airport, "100 red" ladykiller, personnel construction in Zhejiang Province, former deputy director of the office Yang Xiuzhu walked down the ramp. So far, 13 years, and many fled overseas suspects Yang Xiuzhu ended the fugitive, returned to surrender. This is the thirty-seventh to "hundreds of red" personnel. Escape route from Shanghai in April 20, 2003 to leave the first station boarding Chinese Singapore according to reports, Yang Xiuzhu arrived in the number of days after fleeing, the alleged underworld extortion second stations in the United States Yang Xiuzhu to the United States after the start "charter parties". In June 2003, Chinese through Interpol issued a red warrant, Yang Xiuzhu once again fled third stations in Holland during the flight, Yang Xiuzhu put forward the "asylum application was rejected in May 2014 to Holland, a false passport fled to the United States fourth stations from Holland, Yang Xiuzhu to enter the United states. The United States in June 2015 to July 2003 Chinese her arrest process through Interpol issued a red warrant for Yang Xiuzhu". Yang Xiuzhu’s extradition repatriation in July 2014. Interpol announced in April 2015, 100 red through staff list, Yang Xiuzhu ranked first. January 2016 Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the International Cooperation Bureau said that China is actively communicating with the United States on the case of Yang Xiuzhu, the u.s.. It was reported on September 2016 that Yang Xiuzhu voluntarily gave up political asylum in the United States and was approved by the judge. In November 2016 by the Sino US law enforcement cooperation, fled 13 years of Yang Xiuzhu to surrender. In November 16, 2016, the overall coordination of the central anti-corruption Coordination Group Office of the international pursuit of stolen goods, the relevant departments of the central government and the Zhejiang provincial office in pursuit of close cooperation, fled overseas 13 years of "hundreds of red" prime suspect Yang Xiuzhu returned to surrender. People younger brother Yang Jinjun was repatriated in fact, before Yang Xiuzhu, his brother Yang Jinjun last year has been repatriated. Yang Jinjun, former Wenzhou Ming and the group’s legal representative and general manager, was arrested for the crime of corruption, by the Zhejiang provincial Procuratorate, fled to the United States in May 23, 2005 by December 2001, Interpol issued a red warrant. In September 18, 2015, the suspect fled the United States 14 years of corruption and bribery Yang Jinjun forced repatriated China. This is the first time the United States to return to China’s public exposure of the red man". Reporters noted that Yang Xiuzhu’s younger brother Yang Jinjun in the last year were from the United States forced repatriation back to wearing. The Yang Xiuzhu gave himself off the plane when you can see who did not wear anything. After returning home to see the scene is very relaxed yesterday at 3 pm, the reporter saw through the video on the scene, the aircraft stopped after the相关的主题文章: