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Beyonce swept the Rihanna MTV prize, shocking other eyeball Bo – Sohu VMAs awards, held once a year ago, the VMA Video Music is the abbreviation of Award, refers to the music video awards. This award is a star, extraordinary significance. Beyonce, Rihanna, Blaney, A and sister Chicken with Chili and Sichuan Pepper and many other high-profile actress in the room. However, this one the stars shine at night, others seem to have become a foil to Beyonce, the late one belongs to Beyonce. Beyonce (Beyonce) with "Formation" not only won the "Best Video Award" and "Best Female Video Award", is also a professional category complete dasixi, "Best Director Award", "best choreography, best cinematography and best editing award" all in the bag, deliver the goods 8 awards. This year her achievements more than 24 of the total number of song of Madonna, the trophy became the seat was the most VMA artist. One of the winners of the MTV prize is one of the most watched awards. The ceremony, on the red carpet at the moment, it is doomed to a Hibachi audience Beyonce. With her daughter Blue Ivy unveiled the White Star Avenue, the little guy is dressed in the $11000 Mischka Aoki children’s dress dress appeared. And Beyonce looked the same twist braid, became a live version of the main small chocolate. Beyonce in Francesco Scognamiglio 2016 winter Haute Couture gown, pale blue feathers full of energy, clothes on the light off the fishtail drill perspective, Queen B’s charming figure. The golden braid dignified atmosphere, neat and stylish, and complement the collar ornaments. However, the red carpet articles that show her daughter is only a corner of Queen Beyonce of the iceberg. Beyonce will MTV the stage show became his personal concert, singing 15 minutes, Queen of the gas field full. Beyonce incarnation of the stage of the mysterious goddess of love, black lace dress, with a fluffy ponytail. She may be expected early in the MTV awards will be a big harvest, the shape of the award on the preparation of two sets. White lace dress collocation fresh makeup, bare pink lipstick, piaopiaoyuxian; gold pants dress collocation Beige nude makeup, lipstick, Queen s standspresently. MTV the day of the ceremony, although the star of countless, old rivals Beyonce Taylor also did not attend, this can only transfer it with Beyonce Rihanna (Rihanna). On the day of the ceremony, she was invited to the organizers invited to sing four times, many other star fans crazy complained eccentric eyes". Rihanna is to deliver the goods, "Michael – Jackson won the video vanguard award, this award is equivalent to a lifetime achievement award, holding a golden trophy by astronauts, and Drake Drake as guests, on the stage of sweet confession Rihanna two affectionate kiss!相关的主题文章:

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Seongsan Sunrise Peak, not only to meet the sunrise, the legendary female sea tourism – Sohu from Seoul to the "Hawaii" of the Jeju Island, in the air, the first glimpse, is Hallasan; after landing, the first stop is Seongsan Sunrise Peak. Seongsan Sunrise Peak is located in the eastern part of Jeju Island, is a towering rock at the top, there is a huge volcano, 100 thousand years ago the submarine volcano eruption formed in 2007 was designated as a UNESCO World Natural heritage. Seongsan Sunrise Peak is well connected to the mountain, watch the sunrise. Arrived in the rain, although can not see the sunrise, but also can see a rain in Jeju, do not have some flavor. At the foot of the mountain, yellow grass, a burst of autumn, the weather is good when riding, meet the rainy weather, can also be walking on the lawn, listening to the sound of the sea foot. If there is a fate, to the other side of Seongsan Sunrise Peak, in the sea, but also to meet the legendary sea girl. The sea is Jeju Island and even the entire South Korean female population will soon disappear, they wore goggles, wearing a conjoined rubber suit, with high diving skills, drill into the sea, to capture the adhesion on the seafloor of the abalone, conch and other seafood. Because of hard work, has few young women when the sea woman, now the female sea is mostly over 60 years old grandmother. It is said that they often appear on the other side of Seongsan Sunrise Peak, salvage in the sea, selling on the shore, fresh cheap. Just meet, need fate. On the way to the mountains, I heard the story of the sea girl, want to go down the mountain after a look, but just to plan, and that the sea waves, the probability of meeting the sea girl almost zero. Since this meant to be, then, will ease, along the path along the cliff, slowly towards the top of the hill, the sea breeze blowing, pour with rain, listening to the sea and waves, at the foot of the mountain and the city far away. At the foot of the city village house riotous with colour, dotted with misty misty rain, looking down, a little melancholy heart, also will disperse. The mountain is not high, not to mention the magnificent, standing in the rain, but because of the three surface of the cliff, green forest, black stone, the ancient volcano volcano, seem mysterious, attracted me to explore. Climbed to the top of the volcano was sunken, view instantly open, although the day in front of the sea and hidden in the rain, but also can imagine the spectacular sunrise to. Stay for a long time at the top of the mountain, the sleeping volcano of Jeju Island, overlooking the misty rain, until the time, only along the edge of the cliff path along the cliff, slowly down the hill. Although did not see the sunrise, did not find the sea girl, some regret, but the wind blowing to Jeju, heard the sea of Jeju, touched the stone of Jeju. And that regret, perhaps, is the reason to come again. Author introduction: sleep not remember, Ctrip traveler, Lotto columnist, travel experience division Sina micro-blog: @ McGregor bank note相关的主题文章:

Not only the value of Chery’s flagship SUV Yan play Tiggo 7- Sohu car aapt.exe

Not only the value of Chery’s flagship SUV Yan play Tiggo 7- Sohu car I wonder if you have found that in some independent brand models, can always find some of the domestic car down. There is always such a group of people, the domestic car has a natural bias. Perhaps in the past, the independent brand did leave a bad impression on you, but now I want to say that this impression is the time to change. Because the tiger 7. Let’s look at the tiger 7, 2012, Chery unveiled a concept car called the Chery TX, to participate in the Geneva auto show, and won the "2012 best concept car award, which is our own brand products won the first international award heavyweight car design, and the appearance of this concept car constantly praise finally the mass production, it is Tiggo 7. That concept car and the production car is not a small gap, then we will see how Tiggo 7, in addition to color value, other aspects of it realized how. Tiggo 7 form the basic continuation of the design of the Chery TX concept car, the whole body plump, soft lines. The front face of the new hexagonal grille grille design, style similar to the ripple design, full of visual tension. Ripple grid lines to logo as the center spread to the surrounding, like the calm water ripples. Intermediate single chrome bar through the front grille and headlights, and connected. Beneath the grille visible panoramic camera, Tiggo 7 equipped with panoramic imaging system before and equipped with radar, visible configuration is good. It is worth mentioning that the tiger 7 "war Ge" a sense of design, other similar boomerang design, and to maintain consistency with the body contour lines. The headlight shape is also quite particular, into the "Trident" elements. The overall design of the appearance elements constitute a coordinated Tiggo 7 in front of the body, gentle and soothing, looks good to hear or see. The test model for car assembly, 18 inch five spoke wheels, and other relatively simple, high car is more sporty 19 inch multiple hub style is not the same, but the other two are very beautiful. With models very prominent form of the wheel disc brake caliper, mechanical sense. Active safety system is the standard BOSCH Tiggo 7, including ESP (vehicle stability system) and TCS (traction control) etc.. The other side Tiggo 7 smooth movement, two smooth line from the steering lamp is extended to the tail, constitute a unique landscape, like a boat sailing on the lake, in the calm waters of the lake on two silk ripples. The door handle is visible on the keyless entry keys, Tiggo 7 line comes standard with keyless entry and keyless start. As a home SUV, although the off-road capabilities can not have too harsh requirements. But in the data or the Tiggo 7 has a good performance. The chassis of the minimum ground clearance 210mm, water depth of 0.6 meters, close to the angle, the angle of departure of 29.5° 24.7°. That deal with common terrain, Tiggo 7 is no problem. )相关的主题文章:

The Volkswagen CC highest preferential 74 thousand replacement can enjoy subsidies rewrite攻略�

The Volkswagen CC highest preferential 74 thousand replacement subsidies for eligible promotion time: 2016.08.29-2016.09.05 2016 Volkswagen CC 2.0TSI luxury car price information: Phoenix News recently, Phoenix car regional editor from Beijing Xing Tu express was informed by the dealer, the store is currently popular CC models have a large number of cars in the sale, Car Buying discount up to 74 thousand yuan. Interested in this car friends may wish to pay more attention to. Please see the table below: CC latest price quotation unit: million yuan model guidance price preferential rate of inventory situation 2016 1.8TSI distinguished type 25.28 17.88 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2016 1.8TSI luxury 26.88 19.48 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2016 300TSI 25 anniversary edition 27.08 19.68 2016 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2.0TSI distinguished type 26.78 19.38 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0TSI luxury 28.38 20.98 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2016 2.0TSI extreme type 30.38 22.98 inquiry 7.40 cars are plentiful 2016 3.0FSI V6 34.28 26.88 7.40 cars are plentiful more preferential inquiry please contact the dealer for free Tel: 400-068-1313 6662016 Volkswagen CC 2.0TSI luxury financial policy: insurance with the price of 252 thousand and 800, 2016 1.8TSI GLS car For example, the first year of the new car insurance costs about 8 thousand yuan. According to the calculation of loans, the benchmark interest rate 30% down payment period of three years, Shoufu 100 thousand yuan (including cars, licensing, insurance, purchase tax and security etc.), for the month of 5 thousand yuan. Specific costs based on models to store accounting prevail. Maintenance costs: Volkswagen CC models enjoy 3 years or 100 thousand km vehicle warranty. Regular maintenance cycle for every 5000 km to replace oil, machine filter, the cost of about 800 yuan. Replace the oil filter costs about 1500 yuan, the maintenance fee is only as a reference, because of differences in different maintenance materials will cause maintenance costs. Specific costs according to different models in order to store accounting prevail. The Volkswagen CC car maintenance insurance information table information maintenance warranty period of 3 years or 100 thousand km maintenance cycle 5000 kilometers replace the oil filter costs about $800 to replace the oil filter costs about 1500 yuan loan insurance first year insurance costs 8 thousand yuan Shoufu 100 thousand yuan fee specific costs refer to the above information is only for accounting for quasi tab to the store phoenix car: > > more details please consult the dealer <);相关的主题文章:

The beauty of autumn in Ningbo is hidden here headache怎么读�

Ningbo autumn beauty is hidden in the Sina micro-blog | tourism here on 09 October 2016 11:39 typhoon raging autumn is getting stronger, let the world become a little gray; however, when you walk in the streets of Ningbo, even if in a hurry to depart, or by the sight of the beauty of the flowers, the trees shocked; the trees seem extremely beautiful carmine scene. On both sides of the road. With these trees called for Mount Huangshan to Ningbo, which has a history of 20 years. Now is the flowering period! With Mount Huangshan Koelreuteria Sapindaceae, was first identified in Mount Huangshan named, also known as the entire complex. The museum. 20 years ago, for Mount Huangshan after a multi training, is the introduction of a large number of Ningbo as a street tree. For Mount Huangshan flower is golden, full of golden tree, was very beautiful, looked like a huge golden Pu hand in welcome you. The breeze over the fallen petals into the road covered with fine gold, was reluctant to go. Just as the autumn wind, flowers before the end of the lantern Xie, carmine began capsule covered with branches, along the street overlooking the red yellow, a layer of spread, very spectacular. With Ningbo which road can see? Haishu District of the town of Ming Road, Hu Tong Street, West Street, Ling Bo Road, Jiangdong District, double Road, Jiangbei District Yucai Road, Yinzhou District, Zhenhai District Jin Yu Lu, Siming Road, Beilun District: Guan Lu, Mount Huangshan Road (New – Feng Yang Road) production in more than and 20 sections the Mount Huangshan museum. With pictures with Luan flowers are good nectar, flowers can also be used as a yellow dye. Seed can do Buddha (read) beads, if you want to pick up the seed beads, remember well cooked seeds pick, not real or do not pick. Luan root can be medicine, there is swelling and pain, promoting blood circulation, roundworm effect, also can cure heat cough. Luan flower Liver eyesight, qingrezhike. Luan root can not dig, Luan flower is easy, be of interest to you, don’t miss out on this collection of Luan season. With green, red and yellow set in one, for Mount Huangshan in this season suddenly jump out. The blooming for Mount Huangshan sounded the autumn Overture, now is the time to enjoy the Mount Huangshan Museum, interested friends can go to these sections, good experience. Source: Sina [Sina] tourism tourism statement this license without authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced excerpts or otherwise use.相关的主题文章: