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Others by wearing big sweater and you can lean 10 pounds of fat lead: one to the autumn and winter, big sweater will "wear hot search", I believe we have seen a lot of sweater collocation content. So, seemingly "sweater is amiable and easy of approach" is not really no minefield? (source: the ELLE content Chinese net) ordinary sweater in your opinion to the extreme short – ordinary sweater, does it mean that no danger of anything going wrong and never go wrong? Error model: face is mellow and sweet girls "simple" sweater actually is not too obvious minefield, but the face is mellow and sweet girl, not too suitable. "Bo" Chiara’s sister Valentina as sister like that tall, round face and waist against sweater under more bulging. Valentina is also moonfaced Kerr although slender legs still charming, but a round face and sweater or let the freaky aura some shortcomings. The correct demonstration: add coat collar shirt or V round face girls want to face to face some significant stretch. Then take a sweater and open collar shirt or jacket, V, you can achieve this effect. First, the comparison of Valentina and Kerr You’ll see.. Comparison of Valentina and others Kerr on a big sweater can wear thin! And you are fat 10 pounds! Why? Fashion sexy Strapless Strapless sweater elements with warm sweater, looking at the trendy mix, really for everyone to have a so-called "thin" effect? Error model: a short neck sweater girl Strapless short neck is not suitable for girls, but also walk on the wearing requirements, otherwise will only display a. Once the temperature drops, its usefulness is questionable. Strapless Strapless sweater sweater: a demonstration of the correct model rather than the bare neck collar lining exposed, as with a collared shirt lining, but not very unexpected. Collar lining warm turtleneck almost all account in Amway turtleneck, is not really "gentle" in your heart and be kind to you? Error model: busty girl a single product on the chest plump girls, not too friendly. Especially the partial slim rib style, so there will be more "tie the meat" feeling. The correct demonstration: hem turtleneck style slits would wear turtleneck, then try this year is the fire slits style. Compared to hem tightening styles, weakening the position of a slit chest from the visual sense. Hem slit slit hem style style even plump such as Kim Kardashian, wearing a turtleneck sweater after the slits is not too exaggerated, "roaring waves". Kim or Kardashian and the same sweater, collocation a sense of flow lines long coat on the outside, the wind and thin. With a simple model of the sweater is said to wear thin coat of thin, but it’s wearing?相关的主题文章: