Officials for a writer to write a book to borrow to engage in money – Sohu Culture Channel ca1871

Officials for a writer to write a book to borrow to engage in money – Sohu culture channel book is the ladder of human progress. However, for the Nanyang province Henan City Wancheng Industrial School former party secretary, President He Shusheng, the book became a ladder him toward the abyss of crime. The principal identity, the top writers title, vigorously bartering with the name of a book. To write the famous officialdom novel is at the level of officials, as he wrote a fiasco. In July 2016, the procuratorate of Neixiang County of Henan Province in what Shusheng guilty of embezzlement and bribery prosecution to the court of Neixiang county. The prosecution alleged that the defendant embezzlement of public funds totaling 129 thousand yuan, a total of $247 thousand and 500 bribes, his behavior constituted the crime of corruption and bribery. Recently, Neixiang county court to embezzlement defendant He Shusheng was sentenced to ten months imprisonment, fined 100 thousand yuan; taking bribes and sentenced in three years and two months, fined 200 thousand yuan; graft, decided to implement the three years and six months imprisonment, fined 300 thousand yuan. "Dark horse" literary works to attract three hundred million users from the personal career, where Shusheng is automatics. The 61 year old He Shusheng, was born in Fangcheng County, Henan Province, in September 1971, third in 1981 to teach Fangcheng County high school, served as director, vice president. In 1987 in Fangcheng County, served as director, secretary, deputy director and other staff. In March 1996 the town of Fangcheng county Party Secretary zhao. In September 1999, Nanyang Business School Party committee member, vice president, Secretary of the Party committee in September 2006 was transferred to the Neixiang secondary school, before the incident has served as party secretary and President of Wancheng industrial school. Compared to the career, He Shusheng was outside is the value of the Chinese membership and many writers of his masterpiece. Since 2005, He Shusheng spent four years writing published about 160 words of literary works, including "party secretary" "Officialdom" "strange vicissitudes" sideways "invisible rank" "commercial male soul" five novels. "Party secretary" "Officialdom" "strange vicissitudes" sideways after the publication of which has aroused widespread concern, the three book issued less than half a year, it conducted second printing. With these works, He Shusheng in the literary circles of Henan known as the Henan literary talent shows itself, a "dark horse", won the "harmonious China? 2008 annual influential writers" and the title of "harmonious Chinese? 2008 outstanding works of gold. In 2009, he joined the Shusheng China writers association. His "invisible" rank and other works through the network publishing and television serial, recommended a variety of ways and 300 million friends to meet. Following the five novels and "He Shusheng anthology", the 60 episode TV series "He Shusheng fan" written script shot. The boss pay into the book under the guise of bribery He Shusheng is a respected writer, president. However, in order to personal book, but let the units themselves pay for their own life in the future, black buried the flaw. He Shusheng became a celebrity, a lot of friends to ask for books. Most of the time, but also to the superior leadership, friendly units donated books. To print a Book相关的主题文章: