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Not only the value of Chery’s flagship SUV Yan play Tiggo 7- Sohu car I wonder if you have found that in some independent brand models, can always find some of the domestic car down. There is always such a group of people, the domestic car has a natural bias. Perhaps in the past, the independent brand did leave a bad impression on you, but now I want to say that this impression is the time to change. Because the tiger 7. Let’s look at the tiger 7, 2012, Chery unveiled a concept car called the Chery TX, to participate in the Geneva auto show, and won the "2012 best concept car award, which is our own brand products won the first international award heavyweight car design, and the appearance of this concept car constantly praise finally the mass production, it is Tiggo 7. That concept car and the production car is not a small gap, then we will see how Tiggo 7, in addition to color value, other aspects of it realized how. Tiggo 7 form the basic continuation of the design of the Chery TX concept car, the whole body plump, soft lines. The front face of the new hexagonal grille grille design, style similar to the ripple design, full of visual tension. Ripple grid lines to logo as the center spread to the surrounding, like the calm water ripples. Intermediate single chrome bar through the front grille and headlights, and connected. Beneath the grille visible panoramic camera, Tiggo 7 equipped with panoramic imaging system before and equipped with radar, visible configuration is good. It is worth mentioning that the tiger 7 "war Ge" a sense of design, other similar boomerang design, and to maintain consistency with the body contour lines. The headlight shape is also quite particular, into the "Trident" elements. The overall design of the appearance elements constitute a coordinated Tiggo 7 in front of the body, gentle and soothing, looks good to hear or see. The test model for car assembly, 18 inch five spoke wheels, and other relatively simple, high car is more sporty 19 inch multiple hub style is not the same, but the other two are very beautiful. With models very prominent form of the wheel disc brake caliper, mechanical sense. Active safety system is the standard BOSCH Tiggo 7, including ESP (vehicle stability system) and TCS (traction control) etc.. The other side Tiggo 7 smooth movement, two smooth line from the steering lamp is extended to the tail, constitute a unique landscape, like a boat sailing on the lake, in the calm waters of the lake on two silk ripples. The door handle is visible on the keyless entry keys, Tiggo 7 line comes standard with keyless entry and keyless start. As a home SUV, although the off-road capabilities can not have too harsh requirements. But in the data or the Tiggo 7 has a good performance. The chassis of the minimum ground clearance 210mm, water depth of 0.6 meters, close to the angle, the angle of departure of 29.5° 24.7°. That deal with common terrain, Tiggo 7 is no problem. )相关的主题文章: