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The man wrote report blackmail former deputy mayor of Shenzhen millions of dollars – Sohu news according to the "Southern Metropolis Daily" reported recently, Shenzhen man Zhu Moushe blackmail and impose exactions on crime case in the Futian District people’s court. Zhu was charged in January 2015, blackmail and impose exactions on Shenzhen municipal Party committee and vice mayor Chen and his family up to millions of dollars. Zhu, born in 1977, April 2015, has been on the site to report Zhu engaged in commercial activities, a car beauty shop, there is the use of his office, issued official seal that in arrears million refused to pay back the money. This shows that before and after the incident, Zhu economic problems. It is reported that Zhu Chen and his wife began in November 2014, the vice mayor of Shenzhen City, premeditated blackmail Lee, Zhu Chen by others to obtain three sets of real estate information, share related information, the total value of more than 10 million yuan. Zhu also obtained by others of Shenzhen and Hong Kong mobile phone card three and for the collection of Hongkong HSBC accounts for the crime. In addition, Zhu also through the relevant channels, further inquiries to Chen and his wife, Chen and his wife Lee’s personal information. According to these information, Zhu prepared a couple of materials to report Chen, and in January 24, 2015, these materials and a letter sent to the Chen couple. It is reported that, in this letter, Zhu asked up to 6 million 870 thousand yuan of money, saying that if you do not pay the money, he will report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, as well as open to the public. After Chen’s wife Lee received a blackmail and impose exactions on materials, immediately reported to the police, the police Zhu captured in January 31, 2015. After Zhu was arrested in February 17, 2015, was released on bail, until a year after the February 2016 bail expires, party be in custody. Chen was extortion when he was Shenzhen Municipal Committee, deputy mayor of the city, in May the same year he retired early. Unfortunately this March 22nd at 23:14 PM, Chen was found in Futian District falls dead, reason has not been disclosed. But there is no evidence that Chen falls dead with this case blackmail and impose exactions on a relationship. At present, Zhu Moushe is still in the trial of a case of blackmail and impose exactions on.相关的主题文章: