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LETV cool1 dual mobile phone cool anti ecological, mobile phone industry clean and cool music technology – Sohu is always worthy of concern in the industry CP, LETV mobile phone industry is rising very fast brand, has entered the industry before the seven shipments within a short time, and cool is a powerhouse, created a lot of brilliant record in the history of the mobile phone, in the traditional channel has an advantage. The combination of the two will actually become a big thing, because it may make the music as the phone’s shipments reached more than the level of more than fifty million, and this is enough to enter the industry before the top level of three. So if the combination of the two is likely to change the pattern of China’s smart phone. Therefore, the new brand cool1 both from the brand or positioning, are important. The important character of the young cool1dual eco mobile cool1 dual mobile phone positioning is very clear – the character of the young, apparently the flagship young market, which is a safe choice. The underlying market is the largest market, millet red rice, red rice Pro in this early release, the official poster has hinted. Cool1 dual in the configuration for mobile phone ecosystem is also relatively strong, such as Qualcomm snapdragon eight core MSM8976 processor MTK Helio X25 ten on the red nucleus; in screen size, battery capacity, drawing body and two cameras are basically the same, but the details, or to be much higher, such as the rear dual camera 13 million the red rice Pro is 1300+500 million. In the dual camera technology, cool has a very deep accumulation, including 721 patents and photographs of the 151 double patent photography, becoming the first dual camera manufacturers. The highest double 1300 pixel dual lens Wanye within and with stalls only + SONY 6P lens, sensor technology, intelligent real framing BFC patented algorithm focus, F2.0 large aperture, 4K video, the color temperature of the flash, WeChat exclusive video real-time filter technology, also ensure that users have a better camera experience. For example, cool1 dual eco phone chose the third generation of Corelle gorilla glass, wear a greater lift. But in the most important pricing, cool1dual mobile phone 3G+32G mobile phone version of the ecological ecological as long as 1099 yuan, the same with the red rice pro to 1499 yuan, while the 4G+32G version is priced 1499 yuan, the same price than the red rice 1G memory. From this perspective, cool1 dual is the ecological cost advantage of mobile phone watch Red rice. This does not take into account the music as the content advantage. In the current case of a sharp decline in the price of millet phone, red rice is the last position millet, if lost this position, I’m afraid it will completely withdraw from the mainstream of domestic mobile phone competition. The price is 1499 thousand yuan machine market to upgrade a hotly contested spot, from here you can see the location and direction of the cool1 dual ecological mobile phone, that is the price, quality and quantity. Nevertheless, more than ten million of the appointment is still somewhat surprising.相关的主题文章: