Last year, the mainland tour group reduced the number of visitors to Hong Kong Ocean Park by 14%- aptana studio

Last year, mainland tour groups to reduce tourists in Hong Kong Ocean Park down the new February new network in 14%- 5, according to Hongkong "Wen Wei Po" reported that the Hongkong tourism industry is facing severe challenges, Ocean Park President Kong Lingcheng said on the 4 2015, the park attendance of 6 million 700 thousand, compared with 7 million 800 thousand in 2014, down 14%, the main reason is the decline in the larger mainland tour groups. But he pointed out that, per capita consumption continues to rise, the food income has increased significantly, so the park in March this year to April launched a theme for food activities. Li Shengzong Park, deputy chief executive, said that the India market has great potential, I believe that with the Ocean Park railway station and the hotel after the opening will bring people park, hope can make up for the decline and transformation of mainland tourists. Kong Lingcheng said that the reason for the decrease in visitors was 14% because of the decrease of the mainland tour group, the value of currency in the surrounding areas and the influence of "tourist attraction". But he pointed out that now is a good opportunity for the transformation of the garden side, bluntly, "the number of passengers is not the most important, enhance the value and sustainable development is the most important", but will not be discounted way to attract passengers, but the introduction of more new activities to improve the admission flow. Disney Hotel and hotel in Shanghai will be opened this year, Kong Lingcheng believes that Hong Kong, Macao and Australia area can accommodate several large theme parks, laughing, not worried that will affect the admission of Ocean Park. He added that the project will start in 2017 and be completed and opened in 2020. It is believed that along with the MTR and the sea view, will help to upgrade the garden to the international resort. Ocean Park vice president Liu Mingwei said, after the opening of Ocean Park MTR station, not only can facilitate the arrival of Hong Kong people and passengers, but also the Ocean Park Inn into the Un Hotel En Ville, attract more passengers to stay and play in the park. Li Shengzong pointed out that the garden side will be launched from March to April food themed activities, "because Hongkong, the mainland and Southeast Asia and other places," eat "is an important element, the future will be more resources to attract guests." He added that the India market is gradually opening, in addition to Hongkong flights, the local people’s consumption capacity is also an important factor, the park also launched in the area of India curry meet their tastes. In addition, the salary increase in Ocean Park this year ranged from 2% to 6%, and all eligible employees received annual bonuses, ranging from half a month to a month.

去年内地旅行团减少 香港海洋公园游客跌14%-中新网   中新网2月5日电 据香港《文汇报》报道,香港旅游业正面对严峻挑战,海洋公园主席孔令成4日表示,2015年公园入场人次为670万,较2014年的780万按年跌14%,主因是内地旅行团的跌幅较大。   但他指出,人均消费则持续上升,场内饮食收入明显增多,故公园在今年3月至4月推出以美食为主题的活动。公园副行政总裁李绳宗表示,印度市场的潜力很大,相信随着海洋公园铁路站及酒店启用后会带旺公园人流,望能弥补内地旅客的跌幅及进行转型。   孔令成表示,入场人次跌幅14%的原因是内地旅行团减少,及周边地区的币值与旅游策略“吸客”等因素影响。   但他指出,现时是园方转型的好时机,直言“人次数目不是最重要,提升价值及持续发展才是最重要”,但不会以减价的方式吸客,而是推出更多新活动提高入场人流。   推美食活动吸客 酒店启用助转型   对于上海迪士尼乐园及酒店将于今年中开业,孔令成认为港珠澳地区可以容纳数个大型主题公园,笑称不担心会影响海洋公园的入场人次。他续说,富丽敦海洋公园酒店(原名?渔人码头酒店)工程将于2017年动工,料于2020年竣工及开幕,相信连同港铁及海景,有助提升园方至国际级度假胜地。   海洋公园副主席刘鸣炜表示,海洋公园港铁站开通后,不但可方便港人及旅客进场,更可将海洋公园酒店变成市区酒店,吸引更多旅客入住及到园内游玩。李绳宗指出,园方将于3月至4月推出以美食为主题的活动,“因为香港、内地及东南亚等地,‘吃’是重要的元素,未来会投放更多资源吸客。”   他续说,印度市场逐步开放,除了香港有航班直达外,当地市民的消费力强亦是重要因素,园方亦有在区内推出印度咖喱符合他们的口味。   另外,海洋公园今年的加薪幅度介乎2%至6%,所有合资格员工均获发年终花红,金额介乎半个月至一个月月薪。相关的主题文章: