Jiasheng health assessment the Fed’s hardline stance, the European Central Bank doves, good European borderland

Jiasheng health assessment: the Fed’s hardline stance, the European Central Bank doves, the European stock market fund Sina positive exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Last week, while the US, UK and European stock markets fell, some European stock index gains or weak gains. But a new week, global stock markets to achieve a good start, and the dollar against a basket of currencies extended gains. So, while the Fed’s stance is tough, the stock market’s confidence is positive, mainly because other central banks, notably Japan, the euro zone and the UK, are still fairly dovish. In fact, the Bank of Japan governor Kuroda Higashihiko at the Jackson Hole conference reiterated that in order to complete the 2% inflation target, the central bank will not hesitate to take more stimulus measures. At the same time, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank is still promoting bond purchase plan. Anyway, the U.S. interest rate hike is not the end of the world, but perhaps to bring more action on the dollar. In the case of other conditions unchanged, should be able to push up the dollar yen, pushing down the euro. Japan and Germany’s export led markets are expected to be better off in the future, given that the US jobs report on Friday did not eliminate the prospect of a rate hike once and for all. Therefore, the central bank is now extremely relaxed, even if faced with the prospect of a slight increase in interest rates in the United States, the future is likely to be highly relaxed. The fundamental point of view should be to support the stock market, especially the European stock market, until investors see strong reason to sell the stock market. Indeed, the German DAX index as of Tuesday, this newspaper reported a rise of 1%, reflecting the overall gains in the continent’s stock index. As of press time, the stock index last week tested high 10660. Technical outlook: before the DAX out of the market in the long sideways at the beginning of the month, we have to pay close attention to the tendency of DAX, and the current bull market structure said a lot. Remind you, the German benchmark stock index recently tackled the downward trend line and the neckline shoulders bottom shape, rebound and fill the gap left at the beginning of the year, because investors use short-term overbought (RSI energy index in the vicinity of 70) and in the vicinity of 10745 level of resistance and fall back to spit profit. At the same time, rising 50 day moving average in the 200 day moving average, the formation of the so-called macd. When the average order of ranking, some traders will only buy kinetic energy without selling. Moreover, DAX since mid August highs correction has been modest. More importantly, the dilapidated level of resistance and 10365-10475 interval breakthrough has been converted into support. The stock index today even upward breakthrough bullish flag. Obviously, DAX is showing a strong bull market – unless I miss something. It is not yet time to draw conclusions, but if you can see the continued high of 10660 last week, this week’s rally is expected to become the beginning of a new round of inflation. But if the bulls can not hold the 10365-10475 interval, it may be very bearish. But our basic view is that here the bulls will win; may drag on before the attack相关的主题文章: