Is the boss at small glass heart want to quit (video) soulseek

Is the boss at small glass heart want to resign last week, for Wu Lei is suffering a week, the company’s quarterly summary will be the boss living into "criticism", he is innocent lie gun on a pass by the boss. Xiao Wu think, he has been the company’s "business model", the boss colleagues face criticism, their faces are lost, so the initiation of the idea to resign. The company concluded by about 28 year old Wu Lei, in Shiziping Chongqing will love one agency work. The company has only more than and 30 people, he is responsible for the sale of financial products online sales agent. 5 years, Wu Lei has grown into a company’s business model". More than half a month ago, the company opened quarterly summary. With the meeting, the boss first criticized the administration department, followed by the channel resources, but have no names. Wu Lei said, when they sit in a conference room in the last row, while meeting the side to play down the mobile phone, the boss suddenly said: "Xiao Wu, you this quarter is very general, but your business model, the company is not short of time, can’t be spoiled, you are wise, don’t Cleverness may overreach itself. oh." The boss criticized, Wu Lei bluntly: "is not what I haven’t made the wrong ah, he said it is too bad." Innocent lie gun initiation to the idea, have been thinking about the words of Wu Lei mind, even eating and sleeping are not to mention the spirit. Wu Lei said that this year, affected by the environment, the volume decline is serious compared with the same period last year, but on the last quarter to quarter than it is steadily, and their sales quarter is still ranked first, "the boss said so publicly criticized, so ugly, I feel so innocent, too bad the." He wanted to quit, but the circle of people all know each other, it is not straightforward. Subsequently, he wanted to quit the business, but to their own economic situation is a little difficult. Wu Lei’s colleague and friend Chen Yuhang said: "he is too" heart of glass ", everyone is supposed to work, quit a bit Big deal." The boss said it was just a reminder last Monday morning, Wu Lei came to the office early. "General manager, what did you mean by the last quarterly summary?" Wu Lei asked. The boss looked up and said, "what did I say? Hurry up, I’ll have a meeting later." Wu Lei thought the boss would find time to talk to him, but for a few days no movement. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the company boss Liu Guangming. Liu told reporters that last year many companies affected by the market environment, the business volume fell sharply, and last quarter the company had 5 people to resign, the enthusiasm for work is very poor, "the summary will be directly criticized some people, including Wu Lei." When a reporter asked the criticism will hurt people, Liu said: "criticism is not a negation of personal, just a little reminder, I hope you go all out, if the harm to individual employees, I think I can personally apologize." Yesterday, Wu Lei listen to Liu said so, and feel no need to resign. Experts in the workplace, please close your glass heart workplace veteran HR Wang Jing said, like Wu Lei can not stand the criticism of the resignation of the workplace is not uncommon, "if a little bit of grievances to resign, the health相关的主题文章: