Good things close Rainie Yang and mother of both sides of tour of Taiwan nibbuns

Good things close? Rainie Yang Li Ronghao both mother tour of Taiwan Li Ronghao’s mother and Rainie Yang’s mother holding hands appeared in Taiwan Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reported on September 15th that Rainie Yang [micro-blog] and the mainland singer Li Ronghao contacts 1 and a half years, was captured in Tokyo last month after shopping, was photographed with her mother to Beijing to see Li Ronghao parents, emotional stability. Recently the old media watch both the mother with the pit advance over the Mid Autumn Festival, Yang mother daughter instead of as two star mother intimate hospitality of a host, let the children go to the date, the warm Yang Ma Li Ma with interaction, walked out of a restaurant as well as sisters in chat, both parents have obvious identity two feelings, it seems not far from good. This month 11 days at 6 in the afternoon, the media first saw Rainie Yang from the car out of place, then leave the reporters in the pit by Yang Ma as a pedestrian street, beside her with 1 black woman, look carefully, is found in Beijing before being photographed and exposure of the mother Li Ronghao, but not see Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao figure, a line of 5 people came into the pit of a restaurant. The Yang Ma Li Ma and sit together, laughing and talking, meals out of the restaurant, Yang Ma Li Ma walk in front, because the narrow aisle, Yang Ma Li Ma have no concern from time to time to keep up with. Then by Yang Ma with all the shopping streets, near Yang Ma headed back to the tree, please Mama Li to sit and rest, to the car, Yang Ma Li Ma’s hand tightly holding, intimacy as sisterhood. On the afternoon of 12, previously carrying Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao 2 people to dinner the mother nanny car out again Yang, went straight to the Xiangshan MRT station entrance stop, saw Yang mother told Mama Li to get off, braved the rain into the MRT station for 2 days, Rainie Yang and Li Ronghao didn’t appear, should enjoy 2 of the world. The day before the end of Rainie Yang to Truva Teppanyaki shop "," lunch, 1 hours after a nanny car to radio run off when she notices, found with the film, deliberately walked door. Rainie Yang yesterday attended the maintenance brand specialist endorsement activities, was asked about the skin after her contact with Li Ronghao became shiny, but also her credit? She is shy for mercy: "such a specialist can also brought to him!" Immediately red face can not say a word, and finally admitted: he has a specialist in the moisturizing spray! (brand) send him a few more cans." According to a close friend revealed, Lee mother lives in Beijing last month, Rainie Yang was photographed with her mother to Beijing to play, from the Lee family entertainment, the Li Malai Taiwan, Yang mother for her daughter for as much as two of the mothers also hospitality of a host, very thoughtful, let alone the date. Warm for both parents to discuss whether the interaction of marriage? Rainie Yang only through brokerage firms responded: I wish you a happy mid autumn festival!" The end of last month Rainie Yang commercial speech in Beijing after a few days stay with Li Ronghao appointment at the local, two people wearing a hat wearing masks still conceal star flavor, is taken by the media, but the accident is Rainie Yang mother and relatives had the original counterparts, have come to dinner with the husband’s parents, its meaning is self-evident. But Rainie Yang stressed that at this stage is still work as a priority, if the future really want to marry will be generous recognition. (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: