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"Exclusive tax" to the Vancouver property market funds can quench Chinese return? Beijing – China News Agency, Beijing, August 25 (reporter Pang Wuji) in British Columbia province of Canada (BC province) after the overseas buyers decided to levy a 15% additional property tax, a number of foreign media reports, the Vancouver property market turnover shrinking, prices fell quenched. China buyers has been regarded as the major overseas buyers of the property market in Canada, when they are "exclusive tax" to stop at the door, whether this part of the funds will return Chinese? BC province in August 2nd the "exclusive tax" seems to have had an immediate effect on China buyers. There are local agencies statistics, from August 1st to 14, the most expensive western Vancouver area only 3 sets of housing transactions, up as much as $94%. And Chinese buyers gathered Richmond area sales have plunged 96%. According to the dynamic data of a local real estate agency, nearly a month in Vancouver housing sales average price fell more than 20%. Deputy director of the International Department of North China Colliers International Property Services Company Gu Wujie well-known commercial real estate in an interview with News Agency reporters said, on the one hand, the purchase of about 90% customers in Canada are related with the local people, such as the children go to school, or have a green card and so on, this part of home purchase possibility is not too high. On the other hand, the overseas investment, the idea is to achieve global asset allocation, "put the egg in a different basket", even if the Canadian real estate market is not good in this part, investors can go to Britain, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, there are still many choices. In fact, more people are now waiting, Gu Wujie said, when Vancouver prices fell more than exclusive tax increased costs, investors will continue to buy a house in the local. Of course, this part of the funds may also shift to other cities in canada. Vancouver policy is not good, may turn to Toronto or Calgary and other popular cities. Senior director of Jones Lang LaSalle international residential Zhang Hong on China News Agency reporter said that the changes in tax policy does not affect the long-term investment in overseas real estate. The increase in the relevant taxes and fees, to a certain extent, will inhibit short-term speculation, so that this part of the funds to other relative investment income better regional transfer. But for long-term investors, or will be a comprehensive assessment of the appreciation of the local real estate space, investment security and other factors. Moreover, Zhang Hong pointed out that the current Canadian exchange rate and loan interest rates appear a new historic "double low", many investors see this as a real estate investment Canada historic opportunity, so he moved to Toronto and other Canadian domestic market investors will increase in the foreseeable future in the short term. In fact, in addition to Canada, Australia has also recently three states for overseas buyers, especially Chinese buyers tightening policy. In Vitoria, for example, since July 1st, overseas buyers to purchase additional stamp duty increased to 7%; New South Wales and Queensland, respectively, the overseas buyers to purchase additional stamp duty increased to $4% and $3%. Chinese people are too strong purchasing power." Gu Wujie said that some places for the protection of local real estate相关的主题文章: