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The eleven | travel visa list to help you go – eleven Sohu tourism golden week is coming, you want to go out? Want to travel abroad, but has not yet to do a visa? Don’t worry, look at the destination we recommend for you, take this visa list, said it is not a dream to go! [Key words] before the start of the blackboard painting, we first look at two concepts: 1, exit inspection standards? Travel visa, visa on arrival in the destination country, must provide a passport and reserved seat ticket at the time of departure, to prove your trip. 2, what is the trip ticket? For example, to the United States, many people will buy a flight from Hongkong or Japan, and why? The main reason is that can be cheaper, but there is a problem is, you exit at the time, may be required to check the ticket. For example, if you are going to Indonesia, holding a white book exit, bought the flight from Hongkong, exit, border police will check your boarding pass from Beijing to Hongkong, and you transfer from Hongkong to Indonesia travel certificate (such as electronic ticket, itinerary, etc.). (@ Beijing border official micro-blog) [recommended] visa at present, and has been in the China mutual exemption of visas, or unilateral visa in the countries and regions, and some did not open direct flights in China mainland city (such as the mutual exemption of Tonga), and some countries and regions too small, so that the tourism development situation is not very mature (such as Antigua and Barbuda). Does not meet our requirements for the eleven golden week to go on the go, so do not focus on recommended here. We say, go somewhere in Mauritius and those who really can figure: Cade impression "God first created in Mauritius, and then copy it to create garden of eden." Mark, the famous saying of the Mauritius so aptly portrayed in. With Deng Chao before the break master released, the India Ocean on the island of Africa has gradually been sought after as a honeymoon resort. When you came to this world famous volcano island, walking in soft white sand, clear warm front is India ocean, enjoy the Eurasian – a mix of delicacy, you should be able to agree with Mark Twain’s feelings. Seychelles: Tour Travel Map spectrum it is called the world’s most pure place, located in eastern Africa on India ocean. Seychelles has many beautiful beaches, often inadvertently can meet that place in your heart the most beautiful beaches, and perhaps it is just one of many beaches in the unknown. However, the most recognized beautiful beaches on the island of La di or located in the source of Silver Bay (Anse Source D Argent "), exudes a crystal light, is the granite material around the rock slope, the waves roll up a level of blue, here is a beach in the Seychelles is most suitable for photography. Seychelles is paradise for animals and plants, there are two famous species is well known in the world: one is the world’s largest sea coconut, nuts, the other one is Alda’s tortoise…… Saipan: Saipan cat Fox "a born beauty difficult to abandon myself!相关的主题文章: