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Early 90s models, which car is your mind, God car? The car was the first few Sohu – brother hair micro-blog brought back a lot of memories here buddy will give you talk about this a few cars in Tianjin, also known as the "yellow lost", "yellow bug"; the prototype for the sixth generation Daihatsu Hijet8501984 localization; as of 80s and 90s Beijing and Tianjin taxi, the the bright yellow coating quickly became a beautiful scenery line… The prototype car Xiali is a big Japanese company produces the "Charade" car, in September 1986 the official line, is the first to enter one of the main models of the family, the article listed a national car! Changhe micro are factory R & D, production by the Changhe aircraft, is the conversion of the product; at the time, buy only from Japan, a SUZUKI ST-V90 mini bus and the related data of study and research, 3 years of production, is China’s first car microbus manufacturing research their hair Beijing; 212, in order to meet the needs of the army is tailored, discontinued production from 60s to 90s, to 30 years enduring, is not only itself enough "hard", and childhood memories and feelings ~ Cherokee, maybe you love more is called "213", the Beijing car and American Motor Corp (AMC) joint venture. From September 1985 to now has been 30 years, but we modified off-road vehicles can be seen, and a large part of the ~ here is known as the "three old" three Car Dongfeng Citroen Beverly, the prototype is the Citroen ZX models, the 92 years the introduction of domestic; Santana, commonly known as "Poussin", the prototype is the Volkswagen Passat (B2), by the Shanghai Volkswagen Jetta car production in 1983; the prototype is the German Volkswagen Jetta (A2), officially produced by FAW Volkswagen in 1991 buddies; there was no poke the point of tears?! If it is a memory ah. Of course, there are a lot of feelings of the models, welcome to the small partners enjoy the message to buy a car afraid of being cheated? There are questions to ask you to come here to change the old driver seconds, only to pay attention to the WeChat public number: " onion ring;.相关的主题文章: