Don’t let depression take away the joy of a child cosmax

Original: don’t let the "depression" take away the child’s mother happy – Sohu don’t let "depression" take away the child’s happiness today with my friend Wen Xu Mei Ting said, since there is little sister and brother rarely speak in school, the teacher often say don’t listen carefully in class, do not actively participate in collective activity, learning achievement is obvious dropped a lot. Because the young sister home, focus is put on the body andy. Brother feel boring life, coupled with the neglect of his parents, he had a depression. Ting is very upset and feel that they should not be the second child, that child has hurt dabao. Family should be the most relaxing place for children, we should also be the child’s most trusted people. Depression is very detrimental to the child’s physical and mental development, so how to help children away from the shadow of depression? 1 consider the child’s feelings. Say now to have a second child after Dabao consent when they Tingting pregnant second child didn’t give Dabao ready. Alone in the company and education on their own Dabao, Dabao has been absent, have no sense of security. Now suddenly a little, no wonder Dabao feelstrange, feel neglected. So usually parents communicate more and more understanding, consider the feelings of dabao. 2 create a warm and pleasant home environment. Home should be the most warm harbor children, parents should pay more attention to observe the child’s mood, found that he had any mood to be more emotional exchanges, to avoid the child will be too much worry in my heart. Only when children feel our love and care, will he feel safe and happy. So to create a warm and happy family environment can make children healthy and happy growth. 3 don’t ignore Dabao company. Now parents want to give the best to their children, because it is a child should be reasonable to enjoy all this. The ting home now have two treasure, Dabao feel neglected by their parents to produce depression. Parents not too busy to take into account the Dabao feeling, let the children know that mother’s love is not taken by anyone. 4 strengthen children’s behavior from the front. Children need is the affirmation and praise of parents, daily life can encourage children: "Oh, my brother is doing great, my sister can have your brother so lucky." "Mom is proud of you, you can do so well." Wait。 Children like to express, but also very much hope to hear the encouragement of parents. So positive positive affirmation can let the child do more perfect. 5 children should not be too strict discipline. Many have two treasure family, always feel that Dabao should be more sensible, more sense of responsibility. In fact, it is precisely because of the parents’ expectations are too high, resulting in children can not afford to bear the resulting depression. In the family, parents must treat two children equally. Too demanding, will let the child depressed mood, young heart hurt. 6 take more children to participate in collective activities. Xunzi once said: "at the beginning of the people, can not without group." Good education can not be separated from the support of parents, if the baby is relatively strong sense of self, then bring the child to contact the outside environment, into the collective life, so that he realized the fun of communication with peers. Children only in the process of the game to learn to stand in the peer R相关的主题文章: