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The detector data returned: the Pluto system complexity beyond the forecast beijing Reference News Network October 30th Taiwan media reported that the scientists spent 15 months and finally to collect all the signal from pluto. The observation of Pluto "New Horizons (New Horizons spacecraft)" since July 14, 2015 after the return to fly near Pluto, for earth observation data, in October 27th a total of more than and 400 pen data in the United States time and finally received after the last return data, and the distance of transmission time after so long, researchers finally relieved. Taiwan ETtoday – news site reported on October 28th, Pluto is smaller than terrestrial form stars in the solar system, the quality is only 16 of the lunar surface, New Horizons (New Horizons spacecraft) since its launch in January 19, 2006, after a 5 billion 500 million km flight, finally in July 14, 2015 recently started to Pluto, Pluto observation system, because the new flight track horizons and distance is the foot of all the planetary data system, Pluto New Horizons return a total of more than and 400 pen, after 15 months, finally finished a final data reception, the task of scientists did not end, must quickly according to the data that is about to start. With new horizons to help the earth to visit distant Pluto, Pluto discovered the complexity of the system, is beyond the original forecast, not only the surface activity is also very intense, even the surface structure is very new; and from the returned data show that Pluto possible internal ocean, but Pluto on the atmospheric escape rate is very high, so the scientists estimate the star ball ice ocean is "volatilization" catch up disappear. In addition the Sputnik flat plateau (Sputnik Planum, Pluto, heart) is due to the "nitrogen ice" strong convection formed bodies in the solar system’s largest glacier plain, 1000 kilometers. The atmospheric structure on Pluto also makes scientists unexpected, but I could see a little cloud (very thin), while Pluto is not like clouds on earth to see the white clouds, and nitrogen, acetylene, ethane and other rare gases mist. See these data show astronomical information, the scientists found in the past to Pluto’s cognitive less and less, and the astronomer Bowman also said that the new horizons will continue around the Kuiper belt message, is expected in January 1, 2019 will reach 2014MU69.相关的主题文章: