Cheap orphan drugs off for hundreds of thousands of people living on the black market life-saving dr

Cheap orphan drug off for endangering hundreds of thousands of people come from the black market life-saving drugs 7.8 yuan cheap black life-saving drugs sold 4000 yuan original title: cheap life-saving drugs from where the black market in recent years, many long-term clinical application shows that can cure the disease, cure cheap medicine is disappearing at the rate of dozens of year, patients are often is all over the hospital and drugstore to buy much-needed life-saving drugs. However, these cheap life-saving drugs on the black market has never been out of stock, and cattle are often out of dozens of times, hundreds of times the price. So, why can these life-saving drugs appear on the black market? Where did it come from? Cheap and easy to use cheap drugs are gradually fading from hospitals and pharmacies. A large hospital in Beijing, 0.51 yuan a 0.57 yuan of erythromycin eye ointment, a Erythromycin Ointment is not available, vitamin K injection of 0.92 yuan a immediately suspended. Beijing Youth Daily reporter recently found that the already scarce cheap drugs are disappeared from the list of drugs in some hospitals. More surprisingly, a lot of cheap life-saving drugs, orphan drugs in hospitals are hard to find, but on the black market by cattle selling prices. Cheap drugs more and more rare phenomenon of hospital cheap drugs, also known as basic drugs, is able to meet the basic health needs, appropriate dosage, and can ensure the supply of basic equipment, the national fair access to medicines, the main characteristics is safe and necessary, effective and cheap. For many years in a clinical doctor told reporters BYD, the Department now can be found in cheap drugs is less and less, many previous perennial use, small medicine cheap and easy to use in the pharmacy has been out of stock. She impressed me most is a kind of Chinese herbal medicine rushes, diuretic, urination effect particularly good. Some patients with cesarean section, from the operation room after coming out of the first big difficulty is urination, exhaust. When maternal dysuria, the nurse gave her a small handful of rushes boiled water to drink, effective immediately. This herb look like a bag of instant noodles, half a catty, fried tea a generation enough 50 women to drink, costs only 1 yuan. But now this kind of herbal diuretic early in some hospital pharmacies disappeared. Now the doctor for surgery back no urine catheterization patients mainly adopt the way, relatively high cost that patients are very painful. A large hospital pharmacy staff told reporters BYD, cheap drug manufacturers often suspend production or procurement is not up, some drugs already in stock and will be out of stock status. Among them, local anesthesia and antiarrhythmic drugs — Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection (Beijing Yimin) 0.96 yuan, manufacturers do not produce; Erythromycin Eye Ointment (Beijing shuang’ji) a total of 0.51 yuan; Erythromycin Ointment (Beijing shuang’ji) a total of 0.57 yuan, is not available; the treatment of bleeding disorders of vitamin K1 injection (Chinese medicine Ronshen 0.92 yuan, Chen 0.97 Yuan Xin pharmaceutical branch) immediately into the goods. China Pharmaceutical Enterprise Management Association, China Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs Association President Yu Mingde has said that cheap drugs are disappearing at the rate of dozens of each year. National Health Planning Commission official also pointed out that some of the commonly used classic old drug supply shortage or even broken supply situation,.相关的主题文章: