Comments received Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rose 2.52% real estate stocks strong oil stocks 葬地玄经

Comments received: Hong Kong Hang Seng Index rose 2.52% oil shares and real estate stocks strong hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Hong Kong level2 market through Sina Hong Kong News February 26th news agency revealed the international oil prices rebound in U.S. stocks rebounded today. The Hong Kong stock index opened 1.54%, the afternoon with the beauty of the three index soared, as of the close, the Hang Seng Index rose 2.52%, at 19365.529 points. The state-owned enterprise index rose 2.06%, to 8034.300 points. Red chip index rose 3.21%, at 3487.770 points. Kangshifu holdings rose 7.06%, to HK $7.58, leading the blue chip. Oil stocks rose, CNOOC rose 4.87%, Kunlun energy rose by 5.44%, China’s oil rose 4.45%, Sinopec rose 5.49%. Real estate stocks rose 4.53%, Huarun group, Henderson real estate rose 1.94%, the Hang Lung Property Wharf Group rose 2.07%, rose 1.69%, up 2.51% new base. Cheung Kong real estate rose 1.2%. By the end of the day, Shanghai shares bought 1 billion 640 million net, the remaining amount of the day 11 billion 360 million, accounting for the balance of the amount of 87%. Shanghai Stock Exchange has been buying for seven consecutive days, the cumulative amount of 3 billion 670 million yuan. Hong Kong stocks through net buying 335 million, the amount of the remaining 10 billion 165 million of the day, the balance of the quota ratio of 97%. Since October 28th last year, net buying, Hong Kong stocks have been net buying for four consecutive months. Expert opinion: Shenwan Hong Yuan Securities senior policy analyst Xu Lei pointed out in an interview yesterday, the market plunge unexpectedly, the rebound is mainly based on the display on the "NPC and CPPCC" policy, the subject of speculation stocks, speculation, and is lack of funds inside the chase sell, OTC incremental funding rush to the rescue, the short-term market is not optimistic. He also suggested that investors should not rush into the market, should continue to wait and see, cash is king. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

收评:港股恒指涨2.52% 石油股地产股走强 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪港股讯 2月26日消息 现国际油价反弹令美股止跌回升,今日港股恒指高开1.54%,午后随美三大指数高涨,截止收盘,恒生指数涨2.52%,报19365.529点。国企指数涨2.06%,报8034.300点。红筹指数涨3.21%,报3487.770点。   康师傅控股涨7.06%,报7.58港元,领涨蓝筹。   石油股走高,中海油涨4.87%,昆仑能源涨5.44%,中国石油涨4.45%,中国石化涨5.49%。   地产股走高,华润置地涨4.53%,恒基地产涨1.94%,恒隆地产涨2.07%,九龙仓集团涨1.69%,新鸿基地涨2.51%。长实地产涨1.2%。   截止收盘,沪股通净买入16.40亿,当日额度剩余113.60亿,余额占额度比为87%。沪股通已经连续七天净买入,累计金额达36.7亿元。港股通净买入3.35亿,当日额度剩余101.65亿,余额占额度比为97%。自去年10月28日净买入以来,港股通已经连续四个月净买入。   专家观点:   申万宏源证券高级策略分析师徐磊在接受本报采访时指出,昨日市场意外暴跌,显示本轮反弹主要建立在押宝“两会”政策,炒作题材股上,投机气氛浓烈,且多是场内资金追涨杀跌,场外增量资金驰援不足,短期内行情不容乐观。他并建议投资者不应贸然入市,应持续观望,现金为王。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

India Wipro Group acquired China consumer goods companies in Beijing 内蒙古大学鄂尔多斯学院

India Wipro Group acquired Chinese FMCG companies – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong in September 22, India Wipro group 22, announced in Hongkong, has signed an agreement to acquire Chinese FMCG enterprises — Zhongshan Martha Co. Ltd. 100% stake. After the completion of the acquisition, Chinese business sales Wipro UNZA will reach nearly 1 billion yuan, and 82 million yuan in 2007. Wipro in East Asia, the Middle East and Africa Regional Director Nagender Arya said Chinese mainland market is huge, and unlimited potential, in addition to the Southern China market, the group will gradually open up the rest of the mainland market, and strengthen the business in the Hongkong area. The development of the mainland’s e-commerce platform rapidly, creating more opportunities for product sales, the group will make full use of the advantages of the mainland market, expand their business in the mainland. Nagender Arya stressed that "Belt and Road Initiative" strategy for the group’s development has brought important opportunities, in favor of the group’s products into more "The Belt and Road along the countries and regions. CEO and founder Chen Ruiqiang Zhongshan Martha said that strategic alliance with Wipro can obtain high quality resources, to further promote business growth, the real potential and the release of the brand. With Wipro experience in marketing and international distribution network, will expand the market layout, the brand will be promoted to a new level. Wipro UNZA Business Development Senior Manager Ye Yongyi said that the acquisition of proof of confidence in the market Chinese wipro. Chinese mainland market has been large enough, is the key group is currently developing the international market, I believe there will be more companies come to India China, because we are optimistic about this market Chinese. Ye Yongyi said, although the Hongkong market business accounted for a share of business group is not much, but I believe that after the completion of the acquisition, the Southern China area business helps to extend to the Hongkong market. Wipro consumer goods business as part of Wipro group, India is the fastest growing FMCG companies. Footprints in South Asia, ASEAN, the Middle East, Africa and the United Kingdom and other countries and regions. Wipro has 15 production bases in India, Indonesia, Chinese, Malaysia and Vietnam also has R & D facilities in India and Malaysia. (end)

印度维布络集团收购中国快消品企业 -中新网   中新社香港9月22日电 印度维布络集团22日在香港宣布,已经签署协议收购中国快速消费品企业――中山玛尔日用品有限公司的100%股份。收购完成后,维布络安舍的中国业务年销售额将会达到近10亿元人民币,而2007年为8200万元人民币。   维布络东亚、中东和非洲区域董事Nagender Arya表示,中国内地市场庞大,且潜力无限,除华南市场外,集团将逐渐开辟内地其他地区的市场,并加强在香港地区的业务。内地的电子商务平台发展迅速,为产品销售创造更多机会,集团将会充分利用内地市场的这一优势,扩大在内地的业务。   Nagender Arya强调,“一带一路”策略为集团的发展带来了重要的机遇,有利于集团的产品进入更多“一带一路”沿线国家和地区。   中山玛尔首席执行官兼创始人陈锐强表示,与维布络的战略联盟能够获取优质资源,进一步推动业务增长,并释放品牌的真正潜力。凭借维布络的市场营销经验和国际分销网络,将会扩展市场布局,将品牌提升到全新的高度。   维布络安舍业务拓展高级总经理叶咏怡表示,此次收购证明维布络对中国市场充满信心。中国内地市场已经足够大,是集团目前开辟国际市场的重点,相信会有更多的印度公司来到中国,因为大家都看好中国这个大市场。   叶咏怡说,虽然目前香港市场的业务占集团的业务份额并不多,但相信收购完成后,华南地区的业务有助于延伸到香港市场。   维布络消费品业务作为维布络集团的一部分,是印度成长最快的快消品企业之一。足迹遍布南亚、东盟、中东、非洲以及英国等国家和地区。维布络在中国、印度、印度尼西亚、马来西亚和越南拥有15个生产基地,同时在印度和马来西亚拥有研发设施。(完)相关的主题文章:

Vegetable & Fruit ancestors look like the roots of radish with secret eggplant 辽宁商贸职业学院

Vegetable & Fruit "ancestors" look like prickly radish root eggplant secret lead: today we eat fruits and vegetables, you know their original appearance? Pay attention to the public number "have the tune", see more wonderful original content! Because of the continuous improvement of human beings, vegetables and fruits have today’s appearance. According to foreign media reports, for thousands of years, our ancestors cultivated crops more delicious, bigger, more juice. Researchers recently released a series of photos, showing some of the most common "vegetables", fruits "the most primitive" appearance. The original watermelon has six separate areas according to a draw in 1645 to 1672 paintings, watermelon pulp had six separate areas, interspersed with many spiral holes". The researchers added colchicine to make the chromosomes double, and they had the red, fleshy fruit. The first line is about the original banana banana cultivation in 7000 years ago, or even ten thousand years ago, now the Papua New Guinea area, are the ancestors of modern banana Musa acuminata and No Basho, looks a bit like okra, pictured above. Eggplant had a variety of colors, such as yellow figure, even the original barbed eggplant shape and color is all sorts of strange things, white, blue, purple, and yellow, and some eggplant "thorn". After cross breeding, the eggplant has no "thorn", and the market is selling purple oval eggplant. The original is carrot root, origin rather than the now yellow carrots can be traced back to around tenth Century Persia and Asia Minor, they were purple or white root. I’m afraid no one could imagine the ancestors had such long corn maize teosinte plants from Mexico was originally a little food to cultivate. Natural corn, as shown at the beginning of 7000 BC by the human culture, is insipid, like wild potato.

蔬果“老祖宗”面貌揭秘 茄子带刺萝卜似树根   导语:我们今天吃的蔬菜水果,你知道它们最初的模样吗? 关注公众号“ 有腔有调”,查看更多精彩原创内容!   因为人类的不断改良,蔬果才有了今天的面貌。   据外媒报道,千百年来,我们的祖先将农作物培育得更可口、更大、更多汁。科研人员近日公开了一系列照片,展现一些常见的蔬菜、水果的“最原始”面貌。 原始西瓜内部有六个独立的区域   根据一幅绘制于1645年至1672年间的画作,西瓜的果肉中原本有六个独立的区域,其间散布着许多漩涡状的“洞”。科研人员在其中加入秋水仙碱,使染色体翻倍,它们才拥有红色的、肉嘟嘟的果实。 原始香蕉   第一株香蕉大约被培育于7000年前,甚至是一万年前的、现在的巴布亚新几内亚一带,现代香蕉的祖先是小果野芭蕉和野芭蕉,看起来有点像黄秋葵,如上图。 茄子原本有多种颜色,如图有黄色,甚至长有刺   原始茄子的形状和颜色可谓千奇百怪,有白色、蓝色、紫色,甚至黄色,有些茄子还有“刺”。经过杂交育种,现在的茄子已经没有“刺”了,市场里卖的都是紫色的椭圆形茄子。 原始胡萝卜呈根状,而非现在的黄色   胡萝卜的起源可追溯至大约10世纪左右的波斯和小亚细亚,它们呈紫色或白色的根状。 恐怕谁也无法想象玉米的祖先竟然长这样   玉米最初是从一种几乎没法吃的墨西哥类蜀黍植物培育而来的。天然的玉米,如图所示,在公元前7000年开始被人类栽培,是干巴巴的样子,就像野生土豆。相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese news agency initiated the establishment of The Belt and Road Chinese media 极品骷髅战士

Beijing – VIDEO – Chinese news agency initiated the establishment of "The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration Chinese news agency initiated the establishment of "The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration [comment] in September 26th, China news agency released the initiative, called for Chinese media to actively join the "The Belt and Road" Chinese media cooperation network "use of the platform, to promote the strategic transformation of Chinese media development and integration, the establishment of information sharing and resource sharing mechanism, in the background of" The Belt and Road construction under the new pattern of construction at home and abroad is complementary, the prosperity and development of the Chinese media. On the same day, from around 34 countries and regions more than 80 Chinese media representatives gathered in Beijing, jointly launched a discussion on Chinese media and the "The Belt and Road construction, thinking about how the Chinese media win-win, seize the opportunity in the Belt and Road Initiative" construction, play a unique role. Initiative pointed out that in September this year, President Xi Jinping put forward "is Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" initiative 3rd anniversary. In three years, all over the world Chinese media to a profound understanding of, "The Belt and Road" adhering to discuss, share, build principle is the development platform of the countries along the mutual respect, mutual benefit and win-win, all-embracing hand in hand, the. Overseas Chinese media was born more than two hundred years, has self-reliance, inheritance, become an important force of public opinion around the world. Overseas Chinese media witnessed and recorded the arduous process of new China’s independence and development, as well as the brilliant achievements of the reform and opening up, and in the context of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the Chinese dream, continue to work hard to tell the world a good story of china". The same period [] China news agency President Zhang Xinxin today, "The Belt and Road" has become a hot topic in the overseas Chinese media focus, the Internet can exchange, win-win cooperation, "The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration "for the five continents of the Chinese media to build a communication platform for cooperation. [comment] Chinese news agency issued the following initiatives to the global Chinese media initiative: Chinese media to actively join the "The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration ", and strive to become effective communicators Belt and Road Initiative" concept and a strong promoter of record "The Belt and Road along the great age and melting resonance, let" true story The Belt and Road "to jointly build and share the. The initiative of Chinese media actively play "Belt and Road Initiative" China media network "platform, will look more focused on" The Belt and Road surrounding countries and regions along the tens of millions of overseas Chinese, they are "an important promoter and The Belt and Road bridge construction. Through the "The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration ", Chinese media should guide overseas Chinese participation and sharing" The Belt and Road "opportunities. The initiative of Chinese media "by The Belt and Road" Chinese media collaboration to promote the strategic transformation of the media development and integration, enhance mutual trust and tolerance, content innovation and technological innovation to promote development trend of all media, the Chinese media to grow rapidly in the new round of reform of the media, and enhanced in the overseas Chinese in the mainstream society’s voice and influence. The initiative to "Chinese media" The Belt and Road "Chinese media collaboration" as a platform and opportunity, the establishment of the Chinese media between information sharing and resource sharing mechanism, strengthen the new media technology road

中新网-视频-中国新闻社倡议成立“一带一路”华媒协作网  中国新闻社倡议成立“一带一路”华媒协作网   【解说】9月26日,中国新闻社发布倡议,呼吁华文媒体积极加入“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”,发挥其平台作用,推动华文媒体战略转型与融合发展,建立信息共享和资源共享机制,在“一带一路”建设的大背景下,构建起海内外连通互补、华文媒体繁荣发展的新格局。   当日,来自全球34个国家和地区的80余位华文媒体代表聚首北京,共同就华文媒体与“一带一路”建设展开座谈,思考华文媒体如何携手共赢,在“一带一路”建设中抓住机遇,发挥独特作用。   倡议指出,今年9月是中国国家主席习近平提出“一带一路”倡议三周年。三年来,遍布世界各地的华文媒体深刻认识到,“一带一路”秉承共商、共享、共建原则,是沿线各国互相尊重、兼容并包、携手共进、互利共赢的发展平台。海外华文媒体诞生两百余年来,始终自强自立,薪火传承,成为遍布全球的重要舆论力量。海外华文媒体见证和记录了新中国谋求独立、发展的艰辛历程以及改革开放的辉煌成就,并在中华民族实现伟大复兴“中国梦”的时代背景下,继续致力向世界讲好“中国故事”。   【同期】中国新闻社社长 章新新   如今,“一带一路”已成为海外华文媒体共同聚焦的热点,互联才能互通,合作才能共赢,“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”为遍布五大洲的华文媒体搭建了沟通合作的平台。   【解说】中国新闻社向全球华文媒体发出如下倡议:   倡议华文媒体积极加入“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”,努力成为“一带一路”构想的有效传播者和有力推动者,记录“一带一路”沿线融合共振的伟大时代,让“一带一路”共商、共建、共享的故事传之四海。   倡议华文媒体积极发挥“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”的平台作用,将目光更多地聚焦“一带一路”周边沿线国家和地区的数千万华侨华人,他们是“一带一路”建设的重要推手和桥梁。通过“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”,华文媒体应引导华侨华人参与、分享“一带一路”机遇。   倡议华文媒体通过“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”推动媒体战略转型与融合发展,增强互信和包容,推进内容创新和技术革新,实现全媒体的发展态势,使华文媒体在新一轮媒体变革中快速成长壮大,增强在海外华侨华人及主流社会中的话语权和影响力。   倡议华文媒体以“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”为平台和契机,建立华文媒体间信息共享和资源共享机制,加强媒体新技术的交流互鉴,抱团取暖,在“一带一路”建设的大背景下,构建起海内外连通互补、华文媒体繁荣发展的新格局。   为使“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”有效发挥平台作用,中国新闻社建议:“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”畅通海外华文媒体供稿渠道,全面展示海外华文媒体对“一带一路”的精彩报道;定期召开“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”的协作媒体会议,切实加强华文媒体之间的沟通交流和学习互鉴;组织“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”的协作媒体赴“一带一路”沿线采访,并在“‘一带一路’华媒协作网”推出相关报道专题,以多种媒体形态、多种视角、多种语言,展现“一带一路”的发展建设。   据了解,目前已经有34个国家和地区的68家华文媒体签署了华文媒体协作网倡议。   记者 刘超 旦增桑周 北京报道相关的主题文章:

The first small town rural electricity supplier Ma also to learn 唐山师范学院教务系统

The first small town rural electricity supplier behind Ma also to learn first-tier cities north of Guangzhou and other electricity providers, there are a large number of outstanding talent to understand the Internet, like these remote mountainous areas to attract talents and retain their county, improve light treatment is not the Ren Xiaozhang online shopping, online shopping market in rural areas by the end of 2014, a total of more than 180 billion 77 million people 41% yuan, growth in online shopping, and the city area, an increase of only 17%. It is expected that in 2016, the online shopping market could grow to 460 billion yuan. "Good agricultural products sold, only look at rot in the ground." "Even if there are buyers, how to put the agricultural goods from the mountainous area county shelf-life remote transport out is a big problem." "The farmer income is low, but higher than the city people to spend the same price to buy consumer goods." It is a normal thing, but in the past 2015, if you think so, then you are wrong. The first year of 2015 is the rural electricity supplier, the development and implementation of policies on rural electricity supplier this year the State Council and the national ministries, has not used the word "continuous", but "intensive". From 2015 the central document issued, involving the rural electricity supplier policy documents up to as many as 12. One thing the nature of the electricity supplier in 2015 rural rural logistics is the "last mile" was opened, the electricity supplier giant electricity supplier in the rural countryside tide makes Chinese blossom everywhere. This means that the past rural infrastructure information asymmetry, based not perfect high cost and low efficiency caused by logistics to turn papers. So the rural logistics "last mile" problem is how to solve? The business tycoons in the rural areas of this battle staged wonderful? How long is the rural electricity supplier gene? Rural electricity providers and pain? To know the answers to these questions, the first to go to China rural e-commerce research base – Zhejiang Suichang to see, from the "Suichang model" to start. What is the "Suichang model"? Suichang county is located in the southwest of Zhejiang Province, the county a total area of 2539 square kilometers, accounting for 88.82% of the mountain, the mountain elevation 1000 meters above 703, the county has a population of only 231 thousand. However, the typical mountainous county is such a "half water half minutes of cropland", the development of e-commerce in rural areas of Suichang, and became a Chinese rural e-commerce research base. Ali Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences, Zhejiang province leaders regularly visit the Ministry of agriculture, the State Council and other relevant departments have this investigation and study. Suichang from an unknown to the public before the fire at the mountain county. What is Suichang? In simple terms, is the local Suichang with its unique mode of social organization, a commercial platform for agricultural town "and" consumer goods to the countryside". In October 23, 2015, the State Council to send 2015 No. 61 issued "several opinions on" promoting the development of express industry, mentioned to build industrial countryside and agricultural town, two-way circulation channel. Agricultural town".

小县城的农村电商元年:马云也来取经   北上广等一线城市的电商背后,有一大批懂互联网的优秀人才,而像这些偏远的山区县想要吸引人才甚至留住他们,光提高待遇是不够的   任小璋   网购方面,2014年底,全国农村网购市场总量超过1800亿元,7700万老百姓在网上购物,增长41%,而城市地区的增幅仅为17%。预计2016年,农村网购市场可能增长至4600亿元。   “上好的农产品卖不出去,只能眼巴巴地看着烂在地里。”   “即便是有买家,如何把农货从偏僻的山区县保质保鲜地运出去又是一个大难题。”   “农民收入本来就低,却要花费高于城里人的价格买同样一件消费品。”   这些放在过去是再正常不过的事,但2015年,如果你还这么认为的话,那你就错了。   2015年可谓农村电商的元年,这一年国务院与国家部委关于农村电商政策的制定与出台,已经不能用“连续”这个词了,而是“密集”。从2015年中央一号文件下发开始,涉及农村电商的政策文件达12个之多。   而2015年农村电商发生的最本质的一件事是农村物流“最后一公里”被打通了,电商巨头下乡潮使得电商在中国农村遍地开花。这意味着过去农村信息不对称、基础设施不完善导致的高成本、低效率的物流等状况要翻篇了。   那么农村物流“最后一公里”的症结是如何解决的?电商巨头们在农村上演的这场争夺战精彩吗?农村是如何长出电商基因的?农村电商还有痛点吗?   要知道这些问题的答案,首先要去中国农村电子商务调研基地――浙江遂昌去看看,从“遂昌模式”开始说起。   何为“遂昌模式”?   遂昌县位于浙江省西南部,全县总面积2539平方公里,山地占88.82%,海拔千米以上的高山有703座,全县人口仅23.1万。   然而,就是这样一个“九山半水半分田”的典型山区县,发展出了农村电子商务的遂昌模式,并成了中国农村电子商务调研基地。阿里研究院、中国社科院、浙江省相关领导隔三岔五到访,农业部、国务院等相关部门也到此调研与考察。遂昌从之前一个默默无闻的山区县一下子火了。   什么是遂昌模式?简单来讲,就是遂昌当地以其独特的社会组织模式,通过电商平台实现“农产品进城”和“消费品下乡”。   2015年10月23日,国务院以国发〔2015〕61号印发《关于促进快递业发展的若干意见》,提及要打造“工业品下乡”和“农产品进城”双向流通渠道。   “农产品进城”着眼解决农产品与市场对接的问题。当地的农货“上行”平台――遂网,一端对接的是农产品的供货源――农村合作社,另一端对接当地开网店或做微商的城镇年轻人,将他们发展成为遂网的分销会员,帮助将农产品销售到一二线城市,而这些年轻人事先都会接受遂昌网店协会的电商培训和销售能力培训。   “消费品下乡”着眼解决农村无法进行网络购物的痛点。在农村发展电商会受到物流、硬件设备、上网条件和文化技能等各方限制。当地的消费品“下行”平台――赶街网依托每个村的商业小店,在店内划出8~10平方米的一小块地建服务站,为服务站配备电脑设备,培训店主做兼职服务员帮村民在赶街网上进行代购。同时,赶街网建立县级运营中心和从县城到农村的二级配送物流。   遂昌县委党校办公室主任吕春和告诉记者,遂网、赶街网和遂昌网店协会其实是三块牌子、一套人马,它们由当地人潘东明于2010年3月回乡创办电子商务发展而来。   “当时,公司由12位理事集资47万成立,至今已相继投入5000万左右”。浙江赶街电子商务有限公司(下称“赶街公司”)战略合作部负责人文道海告诉记者,赶街公司至今都还不讲求盈利,对网店协会分销会员的培训都是免费的,并且在与分销会员的收入分配上也尽量让利给会员,他们自己基本上只收回成本。现阶段他们的目标是发展壮大线下分销会员和扩张省内外服务站点,等将来有规模了,他们再靠规模盈利。至今,网店协会的分销会员在遂昌县已达2000多家,在全国已有4000多家。   目前,赶街公司的覆盖面已从2014年的全国3个省、15个县、1200个村网点,发展到2015年底的12个省、32个县近2800个村网点。   2014年,遂昌县网店协会公共服务平台实现全县农产品上行交易额达3.2亿,预计2015年将超过5亿元。2013年至2015年赶街网平台实现全国范围内消费品下行交易额为1.6亿。   吕春和负责遂昌电商省外考察团的接待工作,他告诉记者,从2015年1月到2015年12月底,他已接待来自全国各地考察农村电商的考察团达156批,共2449人。   尤其是2015年7月财政部和商务部以财建办〔2015〕60号印发《关于开展2015年电商进农村综合示范工作的通知》,要求在2015年启动200个县的试点,这之后,吕春和的接待任务量猛增,“多到有时一天要接待十几批客人”,以来自广西、贵州、重庆等西南地区和陕西、山西、甘肃等西北地区的考察团居多,这些地方基本上都还没有农村电子商务的基础。   背靠政府的强大推力   在这个“九山半水半分田”原本属偏远落后的山区县何以会带头发展出这一电商模式?   “遂昌优势一点都没有”,赶街公司对外事务部总监林颂文告诉《第一财经日报》记者,遂昌县没有工业基础,不适合发展高端制造业,而且这里很多年轻人都去城里工作了,也没有人才优势,同时,这里也没土地优势和区位优势。遂昌这种地方要发展经济,站在政府的角度讲,只能利用好当地的劣势,并把劣势转为优势。政府要解决当地的三农问题,电子商务就是非常好的工具。   首先,农产品通过互联网去销售,能增加老百姓的收入。其次,当地富余劳动力存在就业创业问题,而利用互联网去就业创业,其技术门槛是非常低的,成本投入也很低,比如开个网店、微店,或者几个人在网上弄个小平台进行农产品销售。当地的年轻人只要有台电脑、有部手机就可以创业了。   林颂文告诉记者,像遂昌现在很多人靠一部手机,一个月赚五六千的大有人在。“他们不用备货,也不用自己拍照,只要负责销售就可以了。网店协会给很多产品做标准,解决品控、保鲜、包装、拍照摄影,统一物流,统一发货。”   遂昌电商的发展与当地政府的重视密不可分。林颂文告诉记者,农村电商是一个系统化工程,涉及工商、农业、质监、检验、物流等各个方面,牵涉到产业链的所有相关成员的理念都必须要相通,没有政府的高度重视,很难做农村电商。   赶街公司给每个农村服务站都配置电脑、显示屏和货架。吕春和告诉记者,每配置一个站点,县政府就补贴赶街公司15000元,并且这块地,赶街公司不用付租金。   而遂昌县财政对当地电子商务发展的扶持资金也是呈几何级增长,2012年是57万元,2013年达900万元,2014年到1293万元。   其间,在遂昌电商与阿里的合作上,当地政府也是既出力又出面。2012年5月,遂昌县人民政府与阿里巴巴签订《遂昌县人民政府与阿里巴巴集团淘宝网战略协议》;2012年10月,遂昌县人民政府召开淘宝网“特色中国・遂昌馆”全县动员大会,该馆于2013年1月开馆,是全国首家县级特色馆。   而在人力投入上当地更是县领导亲上战场。   “公司一些重要的项目和方案,分管的县领导会亲自参与研讨,有时候我们就某个问题甚至讨论到凌晨一两点。”林颂文告诉记者,原先分管他们这块工作的副县长叶照辉和他们几乎天天见面,隔三岔五就开会研讨。   2011年,33岁的叶照辉成为遂昌县副县长,可谓年少得志,在众人看来他在仕途上有着大好前程。赶街网的起家发展也曾是叶照辉一手参与、支持,他对农村电商领域的研究可谓颇深。叶照辉曾谈到,农村市场将会是中国未来几年互联网经济里面最大的一块蛋糕,也是最后的一块蛋糕。   然而,出乎很多人意料的是,2015年11月,叶照辉辞去公职下海做电商,这在当时曾引起不小的轰动。   用林颂文的话说就是,现在遂昌的农村电商已经相当成熟了。辞职后的叶照辉离开了遂昌,选择去他曾经挂职副市长的诸暨从事电商。目前,叶照辉加盟总部位于诸暨的浙江蓝美科技股份有限公司,开始专注于另一个潜力无限的农产品――蓝莓。同时,叶照辉还兼任浙江村村通电子商务有限公司的管理职务,专门从事农村电商O2O及县域电商内循环模式的打造。   诸暨有他熟悉和需要的人脉与资源,做农村电商是很讲究地缘性的。   2015年年初,刘强东把京东的农村电商首站开在了他的老家江苏省宿迁市,宿迁市宿豫区成为京东全国农村电商示范县(区),在全国首个实现电商服务“村村通”。   马云来取经引发电商下乡潮   “赶街是一个公益性质的平台,是我见过最好的农村电商模式,让我很感动。农民能享受城镇生活和农产品要出来只有通过电子商务,这是唯一一条途径。”2014年7月21日,阿里巴巴集团创始人马云亲临遂昌参观赶街服务站时,发出如上感慨。   2014年9月9日,阿里巴巴上市在华尔街路演,遂昌县网店协会也精彩亮相。   2014年10月,淘宝上线针对农村市场的二级频道“农村淘宝”,不仅提供日常用品,还有农资农具产品。并且,阿里也宣布启动“千县万村”计划,在三至五年内投资100亿元,建立1000个县级运营中心和10万个村级服务站。   在赶街公司的走廊上挂有马云在潘东明陪同下考察遂昌农村电商的大幅照片,旁边还有浙江省委书记夏宝龙来遂昌考察的照片。   吕春和私下告诉记者,当时是夏书记来遂昌例行调研,听取了农村电商的工作汇报,发现遂昌的模式很好,然后叫马云来考察的。这已经成了遂昌电商圈口口相传的事了。   从马云考察遂昌到阿里上线“农村淘宝”,宣布启动“千县万村”计划,动作之迅速,可以看出马云急了!   据统计,2013年我国农村人口6.29亿,农业总产值10.2万亿元,全社会零售商品总额23.4万亿,其中纯农村3.19万亿,含县市镇9万多亿;农村总产值与包括县及镇商品零售总额合计约20万亿元。   网购方面,2014年底,全国农村网购市场总量超过1800亿元,7700万老百姓在网上购物,增长41%,而城市地区的增幅仅为17%。预计2016年,农村网购市场可能增长至4600亿元。未来几年内,农村电子商务市场将突破万亿规模。   而1.1万亿元交易额已能打造一个农村新“淘宝”,谁还会无动于衷?   自2014年10月阿里推出“千县万村”计划后,在阿里的带动下,包括京东、苏宁等电商平台也推出了各自的农村电子商务计划,“电商巨头下乡”已成潮流。   截至2015年12月底,阿里巴巴已经在200个县建设了1万个农村淘宝服务站;到2015年11月份京东已开600个县级服务中心、1100个京东帮服务站,招募了12万名乡村推广员;苏宁在2015年元月才提出农村电商计划,到11月实际已建成1000家苏宁易购服务站;中国邮政加速农村电商布局,仅陕西就新建村级服务点3000个,而上年就开始试点的山东、河南建设规模更大。中国电信也开始觊觎农村电商,在青海省开展了村级电商服务点建设试点,从代收费服务切入农村电商市场。   文道海告诉记者,赶街公司目前已开始初步尝试金融领域,开发了一个产品“金元宝”,村民充值后,可以在他们的平台上充值电话费、交保险费,买他们的商品。未来他们打算用三年左右的时间建立自己的金融体系,涉及存款、取款、贷款以及农资购买的预付等。2016年,打造县域电商生态会是赶街公司的一大重点,通过他们的平台把本地的生活业态,包括服务业、生产、零售等连接在一起。   因为一个开放共享、跨界融合、移动互联的大数据时代已经到来。   然而,马云也早已看到了这一点,强劲的资本后盾也让他的想法快速落地。   2015年11月9日,农村淘宝服务站演变为马云网商银行“农村分行”,推出旺农贷,有贷款需求的农民,直接去当地农村淘宝服务站,即可进行无抵押、无担保纯信用贷款,最快3分钟得到结果,审核后实时放款。   2016年1月20日,马云再放大招,农村淘宝站继变身“农村银行”后,开始变身“农村医院”。1月21日,马云与武汉市中心医院签署合作协议推出网络医院,老百姓可通过当地农村淘宝服务站进行视频就诊,包括消化内科、内分泌科、中医科、皮肤科等13个科室,诊断完毕开出电子处方,送药上门!截至目前,全国近400家大中型医院纷纷加入马云的“未来医院”,覆盖全国90%省份。   阿里巴巴合伙人、农村淘宝事业部总经理孙利军曾表示,农村淘宝的终极目标是智慧农村,把每个村级服务站点升级为生态服务中心、民生服务中心,而依托阿里巴巴集团的生态圈,未来可以把阿里健康、阿里旅行、阿里通讯、蚂蚁金服等,只要能够为农民服务的便民服务业务,都拉到农村淘宝这一大平台落地。   难解的人才问题   “人才问题是现在遂昌电商发展最核心的问题,遂昌这个地方还是很难留住人才。”作为土生土长的当地人,林颂文告诉记者,他们需要既懂电商,又懂农产品的复合型人才。现在的农村电商已经不是停留在“会上网就能开网店”的原始阶段,需要对各环节中面临的产品策划、质量标准制定、品牌包装、宣传推广、销售、物流、售后等都有清晰的认识。   对引进的电商人才,赶街公司会给予优厚的薪酬待遇,这个自不必说。当地县政府也非常重视这块,政府会给来遂昌工作、拥有研究生学历的电商人才每位免费提供一套50平方米的人才公寓居住;2015年开始,省人事局给了遂昌一个名额去台湾进行为期21天的电商培训学习,并提供50万元的学习经费。   然而,即便如此,还是很难留住人才。林颂文告诉记者,在农村电商创业热潮下,有些年轻人往往刚开始满怀激情来这儿做电商,但一般都是没待几个月就走掉了,年轻人还是想去大城市发展。目前他们公司还是以本地人为主。   当然,也有像文道海这样带着妻子从上海跑到遂昌来加入赶街公司的管理团队,安营扎寨做农村电商的。他之前在上海一家互联网服务外包公司,潘东明曾是他的同事。他愿意来遂昌安家一方面是出于对老同事能力的信任,另一方面更是冲着农村电商的发展前景来的。   去年12月在乌镇举行的第二届世界互联网大会上,国家主席习近平就谈到,中国正在实施“宽带中国”战略,预计到2020年,中国宽带网络将基本覆盖所有行政村,打通网络基础设施“最后一公里”。   然而,像文道海这样的属个别例子,农村电商人才紧缺现象不仅存在于遂昌,这也已成了全国其他从事农村电商地区的普遍性问题。   诸暨市东北部的赵家镇是一个山区镇,那里盛产一种叫香榧的坚果,全镇40多家工业企业中,主要以香榧加工为代表的农产品加工企业就有20多家。镇里建有农产品电商园,该镇同样存在电商人才问题。   该镇的侬之悠品电子商务有限公司董事长章红美告诉《第一财经日报》记者,在赵家镇运营的麻烦是人才难找,留不住,做不长,很多年轻人做一段时间就走了。因为年轻人还是喜欢热闹的,而当地没有娱乐场所等服务配套设施,对90后年轻人没有吸引力。那些愿意回来的年轻人一般都是家里香榧生意做得比较大的,他们现在回来为家里做电商生意。   在这种山区镇还存在交通不便利的问题。像遂昌目前还没有火车站,从丽水火车站到遂昌坐大巴要将近2个小时,最近的龙游火车站离遂昌虽然只有半小时的路程,但因为路程短票价卖不高,大巴途中会绕很多弯、停很多次来拉客人,实际时长远远超出半小时。而目前整个遂昌县只有27辆出租车,属稀缺资源,且都只载远路,如果你要包辆出租车去最近的龙游火车站,通行的价格是200元,年关时节还会涨价。而一旦遇上严重的大雪天,高速封路,则根本无法出行,农产品想往城里发货就更不可能了。   即便是丽水这样的地级市,火车站条件简陋,非常之小,配套设施也不尽如人意,你想找个安静点儿的地方坐着喝杯东西等火车是不可能的。这旁边都是卖炸鸡、盒饭之类快餐的私家小店。这些店还一律都不装空调,人进进出出,大雪天外面是零下5摄氏度,室内零摄氏度。   北上广等一线城市的电商之所以发展这么好,是背后有一大批懂互联网的优秀人才,而像这些偏远的山区县想要吸引人才甚至留住他们,光提高待遇是不够的,生活娱乐设施、交通设施等方面的改善也许更加重要,这才是长久之计。相关的主题文章: