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Dunlop medical cast portfolio and improve the layout of the big health package three 山东工商学院西校区

Dunlop medical cast portfolio package perfect health hot column layout of three thousand shares of capital flows on thousands of stocks the latest diagnostic rating simulated trading client Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor / reporter Wang Zilin, editor Quan Zeyuan suspended for a month’s medical Dunlop dished out. The portfolio package ", the company intends to be increased by the acquisition, the establishment of the fund industry and foreign investment and other initiatives to improve the layout of health. Specifically, the company intends to no more than 5 investors issued no more than 27 million 26 thousand and 800 shares, the total amount of fund-raising will not exceed 992 million yuan. Among them, 719 million yuan is used to acquire 40% stake of general pharmaceutical company of holding subsidiary. Data shows, Dunlop medicine is a comprehensive set of new drug research and development, production of pharmaceutical raw materials, production and marketing as one of the large pharmaceutical companies, in 2015 the total profit of 143 million yuan. At the same time, the company will be 273 million yuan fund-raising into the general public cardiovascular network hospital and O2O marketing network system construction project. According to the announcement, Dunlop cardiovascular hospital and O2O network marketing network construction project construction period is 36 months, including the construction of the construction project investment, and cloud data center network hospital cardiovascular hospital pharmacies and clinics regional network investment. After the completion of the project, the net profit is expected to be 105 million yuan per year. The company said that the non-public offering will help the company continue to expand in the health industry, expand the competitive advantage, to achieve the company’s strategic objectives. In addition, Dunlop medical bulletin intends to use the self financing of $95 million worth of RMB (about 620 million yuan), and the people of Yantai De Yuan equity investment management center jointly set up a total size of not more than $100 million in global precision medical innovation investment fund, the first to raise the amount of 11 million dollars (about 71 million 800 thousand yuan). Among them, Pu Pu medical intends to subscribe for 95%, Yantai people and intends to subscribe for 5%. It is reported that the fund’s investment will be for the accurate diagnosis and precise treatment of innovation in the field of innovative equipment, innovative technology and reagents, bio pharmaceutical and other overseas projects. The first deal after the foundation was followed. According to the announcement, the company intends to Dunlop – people and precise global medical innovation investment fund to the American Quanterix Corporation company invested 11 million dollars D round of financing to increase participation in the way, get 5.35% of its shares. Data show that the company is the world’s leading ultra high precision protein detection equipment and reagents supporting providers, the two sides are actively talking about high precision protein detection technology in Chinese landing and promotion. The company also issued a number of foreign investment announcements on the same day. Including the company intends to use its own funds 93 million 200 thousand yuan, through a wholly owned subsidiary of Luoyang ROPV Hospital Limited acquired 100% stake in the Sixth People’s Hospital of Luoyang city; intends to Sichuan Rui Health Medical Technology Co. Ltd. capital 70 million yuan, after the capital increase the shareholding ratio reached 18%. THE_END enters Sina

乐普医疗抛投资组合包 三管齐下完善大健康布局 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙记者 王子霖 ○编辑 全泽源   停牌一个月的乐普医疗抛出了“投资组合包”,公司拟通过定增收购、成立产业基金及对外投资等多举措完善大健康布局。   具体看,公司拟向不超过5名投资者发行不超过2702.68万股,募资总额将不超过9.92亿元。其中7.19亿元用于收购控股子公司乐普药业40%股权。资料显示,乐普药业是一家集新药研发、原料药生产、制剂生产和营销为一体的综合性大型制药企业,2015年利润总额达1.43亿元。   同时,公司将以2.73亿元募资投入乐普心血管网络医院及O2O 营销网络体系建设项目。据公告,乐普心血管网络医院及O2O 营销网络体系建设项目建设期为36个月,项目投资包括心血管网络医院及云数据中心建设、大区级网络医院建设以及药店诊所投入。项目建设完成后,每年预计获得净利润1.05亿元。   公司表示,本次非公开发行有利于公司继续在大健康产业积极扩张,扩大竞争优势,进一步实现公司的战略目标。   此外,乐普医疗公告拟使用自筹资金9500万美元等值的人民币(约6.2亿人民币),与烟台民和德元股权投资管理中心共同投资设立总规模不超过1亿美元的全球精准医疗创新投资基金,首期募集额1100万美元(约7180万人民币)。其中,乐普医疗拟认购95%,烟台民和拟认购5%。据悉,该基金的投资领域将面向精准诊断和精准治疗领域的创新设备、创新试剂、创新技术及生物制药等境外项目。   该基金成立后的第一笔交易也随之而来。据公告,公司拟通过乐普-民和全球精准医疗创新投资基金向美国Quanterix Corporation 公司投资1100 万美元,以增资方式参与标的公司D 轮融资,取得其5.35%的股权。资料显示,该公司是全球领先的超高精度蛋白检测设备及配套试剂提供商,双方正积极讨论关于超高精密蛋白检测技术在中国的落地和推广。   公司还在同日发布了多份对外投资公告。其中包括公司拟使用自有资金9320万元,通过全资子公司洛阳乐普医院有限公司收购洛阳市第六人民医院100%股权;拟向四川睿健医疗科技有限公司增资人民币7000 万元,增资后持股比例达到18%。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

After a lapse of two years bullish will be appeared again the gold market appeared significant bulli 内江师范学院贴吧

After a lapse of two years "bullish" will be appeared again the gold market appeared major bullish hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulation trading client FX168 news on Thursday (February 25th) the gold market rose third consecutive trading days, days have strong technical boost, topped $1240 an ounce level. The price of gold in may form a MACD form under the condition of surface technology is bullish, promote its performance. Eli Futures, a senior market strategist at RJO Tesfaye, said: "the price of gold stays above the triangle shape and is driven by the weakness of the stock market." Tesfaye pointed out that from the daily chart, the price of gold in the breakthrough and maintained above the triangular shape, there is a technical buy signal. From the technical side, due to the current gold market 50 day moving average is about to break through the 200 day moving average, will form a key "bullish" form, this is a very bullish signal. If the formation of MACD form, this will be the first time in nearly two years, will promote the technology of traders and investors buying into kinetic energy. Afshin Nabavi, director of MKS trading, said: "gold is doing well, and its high volatility shows more bullish tendencies." Nabavi said: "in general, buying is driven by the demand for hedging, and if the price of gold can be stabilized at around $1250, then more investors will come into the market." This year, the global market shocks to promote hedging demand, the price of gold sharply pushed up, so far has risen about 16%. ABN Amro analyst at the Bank of Holland, Georgette Boele, said: "there have been some changes in technology, and at the same time we no longer believe that the Fed will further raise interest rates, the end of the year, the price of gold will reach 1300 U. S. dollars ounce level." The U.S. economic data released on Thursday were different again. Data released by the US Department of labor (DOL) show that the number of jobless claims in the United States increased by 10 thousand from February 20th to 272 thousand. The median estimate of 46 economists surveyed by Bloomberg was 270 thousand. The U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) released data show that in January excluding aircraft non military equipment orders jumped 3.9%, an increase of more than expected in December; revised orders fell 3.7%, decline was lower than the initial value. Data also showed that the United States in January the overall durable goods orders increased by 4.9%, the largest increase in March last year. Saint Louis Federal Reserve Chairman Brad (James Bullard) said earlier in the day, the United States in January the core CPI (consumer price index) increased by 2.2%, this performance supports the Fed’s views on inflation will rise again. Because of the beautiful performance of durable goods orders and Fed officials recently remarks to make interest rate expectations have been boosted by the sharp rise in the dollar index, about 40 points to 97.71, but then fell back to the gold market, from $1240 ounce

时隔两年“金叉”将再度现身 黄金市场显现重大看涨信号 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端   FX168讯 黄金市场周四(2月25日)连续第三个交易日上涨,日内受到强劲的技术面提振,一度突破1240美元 盎司水平。   金价在可能形成“金叉”形态的情况下,技术面大为看涨,推动其表现。   RJO Futures的高级市场策略师Eli Tesfaye表示:“金价维持在了三角形态上方,受到股市疲软的推动。”   Tesfaye指出,从日线图来看,金价在突破并且维持在三角形态上方后,出现了技术面买盘信号。   从技术面而言,由于目前黄金市场的50日均线水平即将突破200日均线水平,将形成关键的“金叉”形态,这是非常看涨的信号。   如果此次形成金叉形态,这将是近两年以来的第一次,将推动技术交易员和动能投资者们进场买盘。   MKS交易主管Afshin Nabavi表示:“黄金的表现良好,并且其震荡走高态势表明了看多的倾向。”   Nabavi指出:“总体而言,买盘受到避险需求推动,如果金价能够稳定在1250美元 盎司左右,那么会有更多投资者进场。”   今年以来,全球市场的震荡推动避险需求,将金价大幅推高,至今已经大涨16%左右。   荷兰银行(ABN Amro)分析师Georgette Boele表示:“技术面出现了一些改变,与此同时我们不再认为美联储会进一步加息,预计年底金价将触及1300美元 盎司水平。”   周四公布的美国经济数据再度表现不一。   美国劳工部(DOL)公布的数据显示,美国2月20日季调后初请失业金人数增加1万人,至27.2万人。接受彭博调查的46位经济学家的预期中值为27万人。   美国商务部(DOC)公布的数据显示,1月份不含飞机的非军事设备订单劲增3.9%,增幅超过预期;12月份订单修正为下滑3.7%,下滑幅度低于初值。数据还显示,美国1月整体耐用品订单大增4.9%,创去年3月份来最大增幅。   美国圣路易斯联储主席布拉德(James Bullard)日内稍早讲话称,美国1月核心CPI(消费者物价指数)上升2.2%,这一表现支持了美联储关于通胀将回升的观点。   由于耐用品订单表现靓丽且美联储官员近日的言论令加息预期受到提振,美元指数急升约40点至97.71,但随后回落,黄金市场自1240美元 盎司上方有所回落。   尽管日内上证指数暴跌逾6%,但恐慌性销售并未蔓延至欧洲股市,劳埃德银行上调股息分配大涨12%,推动欧股涨2%,美股也因此开盘小幅上涨,这在一定程度上缓解了市场的恐慌情绪。   黄金30分钟图 图片来源FX168财经网)   北京时间06:16,现货黄金报价1233美元 盎司 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Lei Jun why 63 million investment zero valuation enterprise 要离刺杀庆忌发生在哪个国家

Why Lei 63 million shots zero valuation of enterprises? The Sina Financial Institutions column board opinion leaders rich valuation of enterprises claiming zero investment 63 million Lei why? Rebs, set by the backdoor, in the field of capital operation which contains all the popular vocabulary in the new three board. Rebs a shot, the valuation immediately changed 600 million. You know, 4 months ago, the company’s valuation is almost zero. How does Rebs play with the new board this is a magical capital operation. Do not have to backdoor backdoor, the valuation of the company is almost zero, when the Lei shares valuation immediately soared 6 hundred million. Rebs, set by the backdoor, in the field of capital operation which contains all the popular vocabulary in the new three board. Although the three new board backdoor case not less, but this would pay more than the cost of direct listing to "curve listing" case is very rare. The overseas Internet marketing companies to enter the capital market, but also to fight. Even more amazing is that the backdoor after the completion of the new board of enterprise could make only superficial changes by rivers and lakes called busi Rice noodles founder turned brand successfully attracted Lei shares. Rebs a shot, immediately becomes 6 billion valuation. You know, 4 months ago, the company’s valuation is almost zero. Really want to know the close orifices where? Okay, then let’s start to smooth smooth, the operation of the capital in the end what magic. Backdoor asset injection step, Goldman heavy turned little world first, we first introduce the capital operation characters: Rebs, three new board listed companies Goldman heavy industries, Xi’an point to network science and technology limited company (hereinafter referred to as the "point to point to science and technology, science and Technology) Zou Xiaowu shareholders. Data show that in 2015 September, Zou Xiaowu went through the two grade market buying Goldman heavy industry has become the second largest shareholder. According to the share transfer system announcement, on September 9th, Goldman heavy Xia Shuguang actual control by the stock transfer system will hold 1 million 7 thousand shares of the transfer agreement for Zou Xiaowu to 1.77 yuan of stock prices. After completion of the transferee, Zou Xiaowu stake of 14.39%, becoming the second largest shareholder after the dawn of the summer. This means that Zou Xiaowu has begun to point Goldman technology backdoor heavy curtain. After 5 days, that is September 14th, Goldman immediately issued a heavy stock issuance program. Program shows the company intends to Zou Xiaowu, Wang Xiangyang, Sun Fengzheng and other 8 specific objects given by 46 million 551 thousand shares, will increase the price of 1 yuan shares. Among them, the number of shares issued 19 million 612 thousand and 500 shares to Zou Xiaowu. It is worth noting that, once the completion of scheduled increases, Zou Xiaowu stake will increase to 38.5%, while the actual control of Xia Shuguang’s shareholding ratio dropped to 9.43%. Go to this step, Zou Xiaowu formally to the shareholders who attacked. Then, to highlight the. In October 8th, Goldman released heavy asset acquisition announcement, the company at a price of 0 yuan acquisition point to science and technology. After the completion of the acquisition, point to technology will become Goldman heavy.

雷军为何6300万投零估值企业?   文 新浪财经意见领袖专栏机构 三板富   自称估值为零的企业雷军为何投资6300万?雷布斯,定增,借壳,在这场资本运作里面包含了整个新三板所有的热门词汇。而雷布斯一出手,估值立马变6亿。 要知道,4个月前这家公司的估值几乎为零。 雷布斯如何玩转新三板   这是一场神奇的资本运作。   不用借壳却非要借壳,公司估值几乎为零,等到雷军入股估值立刻飙升6个亿。   雷布斯,定增,借壳,在这场资本运作里面包含了整个新三板所有的热门词汇。   虽然新三板的借壳案例不算少,但是这种宁愿付出比直接挂牌更高的成本也要“曲线挂牌”的案例却很少见。这家做海外互联网营销的企业为了进入资本市场,也是拼了。   更神奇的是,借壳完成之后,这家改头换面的新三板企业居然能被江湖人称“雷布斯”的米粉教主翻牌子,成功吸引了雷军入股。   而雷布斯一出手,估值立马变6亿。 要知道,4个月前这家公司的估值几乎为零。   是不是很想知道这其中的关窍在哪里?好了,接下来就让咱们从头开始来捋一捋,这场资本运作到底有何神奇之处。   借壳注入资产步步为营,高曼重工摇身一变成易点天下   首先,咱先来介绍资本运作的主角:雷布斯、新三板挂牌企业高曼重工、西安点告网络科技有限公司(下称“点告科技”)、点告科技股东邹小武。   数据显示,早在2015年9月份,邹小武就通过二级市场购入高曼重工股份成为第二大股东。   据股转系统公告,9月9日当天,高曼重工实际控制人夏曙光通过股转系统以 1.77元 股的价格将其持有的 100.7万股协议转让给邹小武。受让完成之后,邹小武的持股比例达14.39%,成为仅次于夏曙光的第二大股东。   这意味着,邹小武已拉开点告科技借壳高曼重工的大幕。   5天之后,也就是9月14日,高曼重工随即发布股票发行方案。方案显示公司拟向邹小武、王向阳,孙凤正等8名特定对象定增4655.1万股,定增价为1元 股。   其中,向邹小武发行的股份数量为1961.25万股。值得注意的是,一旦定增完成,邹小武的持股比例将增加至38.5%,而实际控制人夏曙光的持股比例,则降至9.43%。   走到这一步,邹小武正式向大股东之位发起了冲击。   然后,重头戏来了。   10月8日,高曼重工发布收购资产公告,公司以0元的价格收购点告科技。收购完成之后,点告科技将成为高曼重工的全资子公司。   以0元收购,这是干啥?   实际上,这看似白给的资产,实际上是邹小武在向壳公司注入资产。 图1   因为,邹小武正是点告科技的股东,持股比例为15%,另外二人王向阳和孙凤正持股比例分别为70%、15%。   表面上看,以0元注入,王向阳和孙凤正二人吃大亏,但是你别急。此二人的利益早在9月14日的定增中已有安排。   一个月之后的在11月9日,邹小武发起与9月14日的定增相配套的收购方案。   邹小武通过认购其中的1961.25万股,认购资金总额 1961.25万元正式入主高曼重工。而王向阳和孙凤正也通过定增成为高曼重工的前十名大股东。   如此一来,事情就妥当了。那就是,在成为控股股东的同时,邹小武自家资产已以0元的价格注入壳公司,点告科技也通过借壳高曼重工登陆新三板。   至于为什么借壳?难道是这个公司也有什么其他的不为新三板所接受的隐形业务?   这您就完全想多了。据全国企业信用信息公示系统显示,点告科技法定代表人为邹小武,成立时间为2015年6月12日。 图2   换句话说,人家这公司依法存续时间不满2年,按照股转系统规定,公司是暂时没有资格申请挂牌新三板。为了实现尽快进入资本市场,点告科技这才选了曲线借壳这条路。   走到这一步,雷军该出场了。   华丽换身的高曼重工随即发布新一次股票发行预案,以每股9.5元 的价格向3名特定对象定增,就是雷布斯参与认购的这一次。 图3   如图所示,前两名认购人均为雷军系,合计认购669.38万股,定增价为每股9.5元,认购金额为6359.11万元。   2月19日,高曼重工发布更名公告称,2月22日起全称更名为“易点天下网络科技股份有限公司”,证券简称变更为“易点天下”,证券代码保持不变。公司控股股东、实际控制人也由夏曙光变更为邹小武,持股比例为38.50%。   至此,点告科技的借壳运作成功收官。   雷军6300万入股0元收购的资产,亏还是赚?   让人好奇的是,高曼重工为何成为点告科技的借壳对象?   在借壳之前,高曼重工的财务数据确实不怎么好看。2015年中报显示,高曼重工上半年营业收入为911.21万元,净利润―1.83万。即使是2014年全年,高曼重工的营业收入也只有1755.1万元,净利润仅为139.28万元。   从某种程度上说,正因为高曼重工的经营情况每况愈下,才会有被借壳的可能。   西安点告科技借壳高曼重工,然后获得雷布斯青睐加以入股,故事讲到这里其实才刚刚开始。   公告显示,点告科技完成借壳之后,高曼重工原实际控制人夏曙光还保留9.43%的持股比例,并将这部分股权做了质押。 2015年12月18日高曼重工发布的股权质押公告节选   简单来说,虽然夏曙光不再是高曼重工的实际控制人,但夏曙光签订股权质押协议是确保跟新的大股东是一致行动人。   在这整个资本运作里面,最让人疑惑的便是高曼重工0元收购点告科技。   即使上文已经提到过,点告科技通过借壳高曼重工的方式登录新三板,高曼重工0元购入看起来也似乎只是邹小武将自家公司资产注入高曼重工的一个小技巧。   在收购公告中,对于交易价格为0元的解释,是这样的: 图5   但问题又来了!对于这样一家专做海外互联网营销的企业,一借壳完成就可以获得雷布斯6300万的入股,那这家公司到底值多少钱?   真相或许还是只能从公告里找。   2015年11月17日,高曼重工发布第二届董事会第七次会议决议公告。详细内容如图所示: 图6   简单来说就是高曼重工股东大会同意,点告科技向中信证券国际提供子公司香港公司100%的股权质押以换取3000万美元的融资,并为其做了担保。   而据同一天发布的关联交易公告显示,股东邹小武同样也为这笔股权质押做担保。 图7   通过公告可以看出,点告科技的子公司香港公司以100%的股权抵押获得了3000万美元的贷款。而这样的融资比例意味着在中信证券国际看来,点告科技全资子公司香港公司至少值3000万美元。   按照这样的估值,我们也可以估算出作为母公司的点告科技,其价值肯定在3000万美元之上。   看官你明白了吧?当初之所以价格是0,只不过是为了方便运作罢了。   事实上,点告科技本身也并不是不入流的小公司。据媒体报道,点告科技即是移动互联网圈大名鼎鼎的Yeah Mobi。Yeah Mobi 成立于2011年,是全球第一大移动效果营销服务商。   而Yeah Mobi官网显示,公司专注于以大数据技术创新为驱动的移动广告领域,打造移动端营销闭环生态链,为广告主提供用户获取及流量变现的一站式解决方案。作为海外Mobile Marketing国内最早发起者,目前在交易规模上Yeah Mobi实现了Mobile affiliate network全球第一,在Google、Facebook投放量上已经实现中国第一。   很多人说,雷布斯一出手,就知企业有没有,看来也不是没有道理的。   故事讲到这里,我们大概可以看得明白,在这场资本运作里,没有谁是亏的。按照高曼重工最新定增价为每股9.5元,其估值高达6个亿。   首先,作为被借壳方,原实际控制人夏曙光即使卖出壳资源,但仍持有高曼重工9.43%的股份,按照估值6亿计算,这部分股权价值达5658万;   作为收购高曼重工的邹小武来讲,如若最新的定增完成以后,其持股比例降低为32.42%,其身家高达1.9个亿,而收购高曼重工,邹小武个人账面上仅用了2200万不到。   至于雷布斯,你觉得好歹花了6300万才持有高曼重工10.52%的持股比例,他会允许自己看走眼吗?高曼重工后面的发展估计才是这场资本运作的看点。   现在,各位看官总算看明白了吧。   (本文作者介绍:三板富是国内专注于新三板全产业链的最大垂直服务平台。欢迎关注三板富公众号:sanbanfu123)   本文为作者独家授权新浪财经使用,请勿转载。所发表言论不代表本站观点。相关的主题文章:

CITIC has lifted restrictions on margin selling, saying the market has limited impact 机器人大擂台全集

Citic securities lending industry limited release is limited market impact Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor newspaper reporter Zhang Xinpei Shanghai reported A shocks and uncertainties of the margin policy has changed. 24, Founder Securities (601901.SH) announcement that has lifted margin restrictions. On the same day, in twenty-first Century, the economic report reporter learned that CITIC Securities (600030.SH) also resumed margin trading on 22. Reporters also learned that the end of last year, some securities dealers have gradually lifted the margin limit. In the A stock market is not stable, to short as the main function of the margin trading business recovery will impact on the market? Some brokers believe that the short-term will have an impact on the market. However, many brokers believe that due to the limited size of margin, the release of securities will not have a big impact on the market. Whether or not the securities restriction is released or not does not mean any signal, but the broker is based on its own considerations. And the amount of margin itself is very small, will not have a big impact on the market." A listing broker two financial sources told reporters. In February 24th, the Founder Securities announcement, the temporary restriction measures to terminate the company’s margin trading, has been effective since February 29th. Twenty-first Century economic news reporter learned that, in February 22nd, CITIC Securities has lifted margin restrictions. The margin limit has been released, and it can be started on Monday (22). But the formal announcement has not yet come down." A CITIC Securities source told reporters. Last year, A shares suffered a huge earthquake, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange issued a notice respectively in August 3rd, and revised the detailed rules for margin trading. The most important adjustment was to change margin operation from "T+0" to "T+1"". Subsequently, CITIC Securities, Founder Securities, the Great Wall securities, Huatai Securities, Guoxin Securities and other brokerage said for emergency changes with the rules, control of business risks, the trading business was suspended in twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter learned that, at the end of last year has been gradually restored the trading business of securities companies, such as the Milky Way securities, Changjiang Securities at the end of last year to lift the margin limit. Last November 26th, Changjiang Securities said the company intends to lift temporary restrictions on margin trading, open ETF brokerage supply, other margin securities supply as circumstances. However, not all securities companies have liberalized margin restrictions. Reporters learned that Qilu Securities, Guoxin Securities, etc., has not yet lifted margin restrictions. "Our margin trading has not been released, there is no relevant notice."." Guoxin Securities told reporters. Qilu Securities also said that the current margin trading business is still in a suspended state. The market has little effect, the market is concerned, in the A share performance is not good, with the short function of the margin trading business recovery will have an impact? "Margin trading is just the normalization of transactions, short-term impact on the market, but early release than A shares up again."." A broker in Shanghai believes that. However, many brokers believe that the securities brokerage margin or little impact. On me

中信方正解除融券卖出限制 业界称市场冲击有限 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   本报记者 张欣培 上海报道   A股震荡不定之时,融券政策已然生变。   24日,方正证券(601901.SH)公告表示已解除融券限制。当日,21世纪经济报道记者了解到,中信证券(600030.SH)亦于22日恢复了融券交易。记者同时也了解到,去年底已有部分券商陆续解除了融券限制。   在A股市场并不稳定,以做空为主要功能的融券业务的恢复是否会对市场造成冲击?有券商人士认为,短期会对市场造成影响。不过多位券商人士认为,因融券规模有限,券商的放开不会对市场产生大影响。   “融券限制解除与否不代表什么信号,只是券商基于自身的考虑。而且融券量本身就很少,对市场不会有大影响。”一家上市券商的两融人士向记者表示。   融券限制被解除   2月24日,方正证券公告,拟解除公司融券交易的临时性限制措施,自2月29日起生效。   21世纪经济报道记者了解到,2月22日中信证券就已解除融券限制。“公司的融券限制已经放开,22日(周一)就可以开始操作了。但正式公告还没有具体下来。”一位中信证券人士告诉记者。   去年A股遭遇巨震后,沪深交易所在8月3日分别下发公告,修改融资融券交易实施细则,最主要的调整是将融券操作由“T+0”改为“T+1”。随后,中信证券、方正证券、长城证券、华泰证券、国信证券等多家券商表示为配合规则的紧急修改,控制业务风险,对融券业务进行了暂停   21世纪经济报道记者了解到,去年年底已陆续有券商恢复了融券业务,例如银河证券、长江证券在去年底解除了融券限制。去年11月26日,长江证券称公司拟解除融券交易的临时性限制措施,开放ETF券商供给,其他融券券源供给视情况而定。   不过,并非所有券商都放开了融券限制。   记者了解到,齐鲁证券、国信证券等仍未解除融券限制。“我们的融券业务还没有放开,暂时还没有相关通知。”国信证券人士告诉记者。齐鲁证券人士亦表示,目前公司融券业务仍处于暂停状态。   市场影响不大   市场关注的是,在A股表现欠佳之下,具有做空功能的融券业务的恢复是否会造成冲击?“放开融券只是让交易正常化,短期对市场有冲击,但早放开比A股上去再放开好。”上海一位券商人士认为。   不过,多位券商人士认为券商恢复融券影响或不大。“我认为不会产生大影响,融券券源比较有限。可能代表了一种信号,对市场不会太悲观。”北京一家券商分析师告诉记者。   “这只是券商的个体行为,何时放开可以各自把控。其实在去年12月就开始放开了。这种限制的解除对市场影响有限,只是券商基于自己风控的考虑。”一家上市券商两融人士认为。   事实上,即便券商恢复了融券业务,但在券源供给上也十分有限。例如已恢复融券业务的银河证券,券源量却十分有限。“我们已恢复融券,但没有券源。”银河证券人士告诉记者。而长江证券在恢复公告中也表示,开放ETF券商供给,其他融券券源供给则视情况而定。   南方基金首席策略分析师杨德龙表示,A股市场融券数量平日里就很少,所以恢复融券业务对市场没有太大冲击。   “非常时期限制性措施解除,意味着券商认为市场已从此前的单边下跌恢复到了常态。从盘面来看,A股市场也自1月底就展开了反弹,最近新开户数据同样可以看出信心有所恢复。”杨德龙表示。   Wind数据显示,近期融券余额已有所回升。截至2月24日,沪深两融余额8892.92亿元,其中融资余额8870.38亿元,融券余额22.55亿元,较上周融券余额已有所上升。   去年8月份开始,部分券商限制了融券业务,即便开展融券业务的券商券源也十分有限。Wind数据显示,从去年7月份开始,融券余额从90亿元规模猛降至30亿元规模徘徊。去年4月9日,融券余额达到最高点,为103.11亿元。而目前融券余额仅为22.55亿元,较最高点规模已减少了78.33%。   (编辑:巫燕玲,邮箱:wuyl@@21jingji) 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Limit midday broadcast two hot spots have cooled, new shares become popularity guarantee 济宁医学院老校区

Noon broadcast: Shenzhen Jun trading hot spots have cooling time shares to ensure the popularity contest: Irving King Irving peek catch demon shares sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor yesterday morning, stock index opened down, the plate differentiation is obvious, led by banks and large financial stocks were strong, but Hengda concept and equity transfer hot concept plate line adjustment. As of midday close, two, a total of 30 stocks daily limit (excluding ST shares), the natural limit of 12 shares, even in 18 new shares. Sub new shares, high transfer is still absolute guarantee of popularity. Limit shares, compared with the same period last day, daily limit stocks increased 3 shares, natural limit stocks increased 2 shares. Specifically, time shares (the hot market is missing, time shares into safe havens, banking sector riots) laiyifen: time shares, 09:31 board, even in open 5 even board of Bank of Wuxi: new times + bank, 09:49 board, has opened the Bank of Changshu: new times + bank 09: 46 shares: General sealing plate time shares, 09:36 board, has repeatedly opened Hao: time shares, 09:38 board, has opened gaosongzhuan (gaosongzhuan lead intraday rebound) Tianrun Entertainment: gaosongzhuan Tianquan, trading board with Tak television: gaosongzhuan Tianquan, 09:41 seal plate, the 2 connecting plates kingring: gaosongzhuan expected, 10:28 seal plate other Ningbo Construction: the resumption of trading board, intends to 1 billion 260 million cross-border acquisition of assets, the word board, even 2 in real estate: A substantial reduction of shareholders caused changes in equity is expected, 09:45 sealing plate for the intelligent race: the resumption of mergers and acquisitions in the Internet assets, the word board Tanaka Seiki: resumption of trading board, the acquisition of assets to raise intelligence equipment, the word board, please fill in the form in 2 even the Title A shares the name of connecting plate number gooao road visibility letter technology and kernel technology of Kodak Department of top technology Wuzhou spring Mount Huangshan capsule male Dili technology Lu Chang Technology Borch technology city of precision youter shares shares Wanji electric soul network set Chi shares of Bank of Hangzhou Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

涨停君午间播报:两市热点纷纷降温 次新股成人气保证 全国投顾大赛:偷看投顾大王捉妖股 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   周五早盘,沪指早盘冲高回落,板块分化明显,以银行为首的大金融股表现强劲,但恒大概念、股权转让等热点概念板块全线调整。   截止午间收盘,两市总计30股涨停(不含ST股),自然涨停股12只,连板新股18只。次新股、高送转依旧是人气绝对保证。   涨停股方面,与昨日同期相比涨停股增加3股,自然涨停股增加2股。   具体来看   次新股(市场热点缺失,次新股成避风港,银行板块暴动)   来伊份:次新股,09:31封板,连板打开后5连板   无锡银行:次新股+银行,09:49封板,曾打开   常熟银行:次新股+银行,09:46封板   通用股份:次新股,09:36封板,曾多次打开   大豪科技:次新股,09:38封板,曾打开   高送转(高送转引领盘中反弹)   天润数娱:高送转填权,涨停板上纠结   唐德影视:高送转填权,09:41封板,2连板   金轮股份:高送转预期,10:28封板   其他   宁波建工:复牌板,拟12.6亿跨界收购资产,一字板,2连板   中房地产:股东大幅减持引发股权变动预期,09:45封板   赛为智能:复牌板,并购互联网资产,一字板   田中精机:复牌板,收购资产加码智能装备,一字板,2连板 请填写表格标题 个股名称 连板数量 路通视信 古鳌科技 和仁科技 和科达 汇顶科技 五洲新春 黄山胶囊 雄帝科技 路畅科技 博创科技 优德精密 城地股份 能科股份 万集科技 电魂网络 集智股份 杭州银行 新华网 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: