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Buy "country" Yuanbu yuan? Secret behind the sea Amoy car story – Sohu car car [produced] no secret " parallel import car " can be said to be the hot topic for the present, and many are still in the stage of the concept of " " auto sales in different ways, there is a real parallel import car sales model, called " " parallel; the benefits of simple understanding is to buy more authentic imported cars with less money, remove the cost of sales dealer link, it sounds like a pie, so the parallel import car have no defects? What is a parallel import car? The official car purchase channels are imported from overseas manufacturers direct import, and parallel import car dealers is to channel is the overseas market to buy, buy channel is not a direct purchase by manufacturers, but overseas manufacturers authorized dealers (4S shop) and other channels to buy. Because parallel imports are not in conflict with the official import channels, they are "parallel" imported cars Parallel imported cars around the total distributors, regional distributors, 4S stores and other sales links, eliminating the need for a lot of intermediate links. And parallel import car dealer pricing is not subject to restrictions on manufacturers, relatively free, so there is a greater discount in the price, usually parallel imported cars than the standard car prices to be low 10%~20%. Models and mention the advantages of time after the launch of the new car market, sometimes because some car manufacturers strategic planning, domestic certification and other reasons not listed in china. But as a parallel import car, in this regard has a natural advantage – freedom in overseas procurement, and then shipped to domestic sales, eliminating the need for a large part of the new car waiting time. Style configuration is more abundant to buy China’s overseas models, but also an advantage of parallel imported cars. Generally in order to meet the Chinese market positioning strategy, car manufacturers will be imported into the overseas models will be adjusted, modified. Parallel imported cars imported from North America, the Middle East and other regions, and in the regulation of car models are not necessarily consistent. For example, Mercedes Benz GL, Mercedes Benz 4S stores in the country did not sell diesel version of the model, and through parallel imports, you can buy a diesel version. What is the Middle East version of the American version of the car? What is the difference? The so-called " the Middle East " two words do not belong to the formal geographical terms. Generally speaking, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Palestine, and the Maghreb countries. In China, many people prefer the Middle East version of the car. But why is it so popular in the Middle East? First of all, the Middle East version of the car cost-effective, but you can also configure some of its free system. The quality and performance of the car in the Middle East is similar to that of the u.s.. So the Middle East version of the car gradually into the eyes of everyone. The Middle East version of the car prices cheaper than the standard version. The standard version of the car is in accordance with Chinese practice and the assembly of the United States, then the cost will increase. Plus the middle east.相关的主题文章: