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Beyonce swept the Rihanna MTV prize, shocking other eyeball Bo – Sohu VMAs awards, held once a year ago, the VMA Video Music is the abbreviation of Award, refers to the music video awards. This award is a star, extraordinary significance. Beyonce, Rihanna, Blaney, A and sister Chicken with Chili and Sichuan Pepper and many other high-profile actress in the room. However, this one the stars shine at night, others seem to have become a foil to Beyonce, the late one belongs to Beyonce. Beyonce (Beyonce) with "Formation" not only won the "Best Video Award" and "Best Female Video Award", is also a professional category complete dasixi, "Best Director Award", "best choreography, best cinematography and best editing award" all in the bag, deliver the goods 8 awards. This year her achievements more than 24 of the total number of song of Madonna, the trophy became the seat was the most VMA artist. One of the winners of the MTV prize is one of the most watched awards. The ceremony, on the red carpet at the moment, it is doomed to a Hibachi audience Beyonce. With her daughter Blue Ivy unveiled the White Star Avenue, the little guy is dressed in the $11000 Mischka Aoki children’s dress dress appeared. And Beyonce looked the same twist braid, became a live version of the main small chocolate. Beyonce in Francesco Scognamiglio 2016 winter Haute Couture gown, pale blue feathers full of energy, clothes on the light off the fishtail drill perspective, Queen B’s charming figure. The golden braid dignified atmosphere, neat and stylish, and complement the collar ornaments. However, the red carpet articles that show her daughter is only a corner of Queen Beyonce of the iceberg. Beyonce will MTV the stage show became his personal concert, singing 15 minutes, Queen of the gas field full. Beyonce incarnation of the stage of the mysterious goddess of love, black lace dress, with a fluffy ponytail. She may be expected early in the MTV awards will be a big harvest, the shape of the award on the preparation of two sets. White lace dress collocation fresh makeup, bare pink lipstick, piaopiaoyuxian; gold pants dress collocation Beige nude makeup, lipstick, Queen s standspresently. MTV the day of the ceremony, although the star of countless, old rivals Beyonce Taylor also did not attend, this can only transfer it with Beyonce Rihanna (Rihanna). On the day of the ceremony, she was invited to the organizers invited to sing four times, many other star fans crazy complained eccentric eyes". Rihanna is to deliver the goods, "Michael – Jackson won the video vanguard award, this award is equivalent to a lifetime achievement award, holding a golden trophy by astronauts, and Drake Drake as guests, on the stage of sweet confession Rihanna two affectionate kiss!相关的主题文章: