Beijing – VIDEO – retired aunt hard pole dance won the championship of slim girls like

Beijing – VIDEO – retired aunt hard pole dance won the championship of slim girls like [background] the factory closed, early retirement. Zhengzhou aunt Zhang Jing after retirement, restore childhood dream love dance, pole dancing, and young people with hard dance, and recently the tenth Pole Dance Championship, won the runner up and Dance Championship rings. Although the age of 53 years old, but like a girl. In August 29th, the reporter saw in Zhengzhou city Zijingshan road dance room, many beautiful girls in the cheerful music, practicing dance warm-up action. During the 53 year old Zhang Jing dressed in an orange vest and blue shorts to climb the pipe, follow the rhythm hanging upside down, rotating, splits and other actions on the steel tube although advanced in age but stature is like a girl, dance is still capable, so that the presence of steel tube dance enthusiasts praise again and again. The same period [] (dance lovers? She felt ill, the sugar) didn’t feel her much older than us, look back, or look at the front are like us, like our twenty year old girl, she was dancing particularly serious, very hard, every action, particularly high requirements on their own, must be perfect, not only with her peers, compared with us these young twenty or thirty year old girl in the corner, she this spirit is particularly worth learning. [commentary] Zhang Jing said that the dance is her childhood dream, the factory closed down after retirement, accidentally saw the steel pipe dance will like it. The same period [] (Zhang Jing) childhood love dance, go to the gym in 2015 last year in November to see people in pole dancing and acrobatics, suddenly finds to pole dance. [comment] first met 53 year old Aunt Zhang to pole dance when surprised, coach Wang Yi told reporters, although Zhang aunt had dance skills, have some help for dancing, after all, the older, physical than young people with injuries have also occurred, but Zhang aunt bold spirit is far super young people. The same period [] (pole dance instructor Wang Yi?) (Dance) she also paid a lot, for example, often injured ligament strain, pain, is her spirit most precious, a lost in the spirit of the young, because she has always believed that he is the best, so she will go efforts at all costs to cheer for their own, others recognized her. [comment] with indomitable spirit, according to the age of the elderly group reported Zhang Jing, but in the year tenth Pole Dance Championships, abandon the elderly group participated in the middle age group competition, and won the pole dancing runner up and rings. She told reporters that the time to jump the steel pipe is her most confident, but also hope that young people face difficulties do not retreat. The same period [] (Zhang Jing) I most confident is my dance, feel very beautiful, the mood is also very good, very happy every day happy, I will stick to the rest of life, adhere to I can’t climb the tube so far (young people) may encounter difficulties he will be back, isn’t it? I just told them (young people) a word, adhere to, adhere to good results, will change his fate, and even change his life. [commentary] back road相关的主题文章: