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Baby just got measles exanthema, look at us all what’s wrong – two days before the Sohu maternal Tina friend’s child recurrent fever, fever and symptoms but no other symptoms. When the children to check the blood results show a bacterial infection in the community, so the doctor’s advice to the children taking antibiotics. But this fever has lasted for 4 days. Wait until the fifth day, the child fever symptoms disappeared, sleep up the body is covered with rash, confound’s mother took the child to the hospital, the result was told the exanthema subitum. We are today through a case, to analyze when the child is sick, we have made mistakes? A misunderstanding: the child suddenly appeared fever, my mother said it must be crazy during the day is sweating, and began to blame themselves. The truth is: exanthema subitum is a common childhood disease, its incubation period is 1 ~ 2 weeks, average 10 days. More than no premonitory symptoms and sudden high fever, body temperature of 39 DEG C to more than 40 degrees Celsius, high fever with convulsions. Therefore, most of the time the baby is not due to a particular cause of illness, the mother when the child is sick, do not be too self blame. Misunderstanding two: the blood test results of neutrophils is too high, suggesting the need to take antibiotics for bacterial infection. The truth is: exanthema subitum during the onset of first ~ 2 days, white blood cell count can be increased, but after the rash is markedly decreased, while lymphocyte count increased up to 90% or more. So it is not clear that bacterial infection can be explained only by the addition of neutrophils. The best method for the diagnosis of exanthema subitum is virus antigen detection, this test is suitable for early diagnosis, but is widely used immunohistochemical method in detection of viral antigen in cell and tissue. Antigen positive results can be used as the basis for diagnosis. Cheeper urgent rash is caused by viral infection, use of antibiotics is not significant. Light patients can rest in bed, given the right amount of water and nutrient rich digestible diet. Can give physical cooling or a small amount of high fever, antipyretic, sedative, irritable crying trial; timely convulsion convulsion. Finally, we sorted out the fast exanthema subitum early judgment method: 2 infants below the age of sudden high fever, no other symptoms, rash fever, the disease should be considered. In fact, we want to remind you of this article through the article is that the mother should pay more attention to the symptoms of common diseases and prevention. To maintain a certain degree of sensitivity to these common diseases, so that they will not panic, nor because of temporary ignorance and chaos to the baby medication. Please pay attention to more good [WeChat public number: good maternal infant (mhtina)] in Himalaya FM dragonfly FM litchi FM search for "senior maternal and child care teacher Tina" free to listen to public lecture. Disclaimer: This article is for a better pregnancy baby senior maternal and child care teacher Tina original article, if necessary please contact the authorized or micro signal infringement.相关的主题文章: