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Baby crawling hidden little secret, novice parents know it – Sohu crawling baby what does it mean? First of all, at the same time in contact with the ground on his hands and knees, crawling this way to make the baby hands and legs to bear the weight of the body, can exercise his bones stronger, bigger muscles and body coordination ability more harmonious, lay the foundation for the day after standing, walking and other growth. Secondly, the baby from lying, lying, sitting, crawling to, be a leap with very unusual, greatly broaden the baby’s vision, expand the contact space of children, through a variety of sensory organ stimulation, promote the development of a full range of body. At the same time, crawling is a new way to communicate with you. Because when the baby will move their own independent, he compared the feelings of those who go further, more attached to him. When the baby is crawling around, all sorts of obstacles to mother, strong induction to take the initiative from the baby’s love and strong demand, at this time, parents always do everything off, playing with them. What will the baby learn to climb in the process? He may appear the following conditions: 1, back to back is a "climb" the first and most common, because the baby arm muscle development is better than the leg, he would push his way back, not forward. At this time, regardless of him, by his wayward. 2, his belly crawled easily in the chubby baby, because belly fat is blocked, although the baby has been very hard to pull paddled her arms and legs, but still like the turtle does not turn the body, trapped in the stomach at this point. It is not easy to use the knees, arms can also be propped forward, the stomach is still attached to the mat. 3, crawl forward sometimes the baby has not learned to coordinate each side of the body, but he has found the arms and legs at the same time to force their own moves. Therefore, we can see the baby with a single arm and knee to move themselves, as if lying on the ground crawling forward soldiers. 4, roll forward to turn over the skilled baby may be used to roll to move their own. A clever child, also sat on the ground and then move forward, in short, streaky 100, babies absolute strokes emerge in an endless stream. What kind of means and means to move the baby is not important, it is important that the baby is trying to achieve their own independent movement. A baby will skip the "climb" and learn to walk, the magic is that they often go well, though it is not worth anything but harmless pleased with oneself. Even if the baby doesn’t crawl started to go, mom also need not panic, there is no evidence that this will affect the growth of the baby, as long as he can learn to coordinate each side of the body, can be a good use of arms and legs on the line. How to help your baby crawl better? 1, pay attention to prone time, let the baby is small (awake) more than lying! Help him to exercise the muscles of the head, neck, shoulder, ready to crawl. 2, to provide the opportunity not to crawl all day to hold the baby in his arms, to provide the baby enough big, safe exploration fan相关的主题文章: