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Annie Yi sun Caesarean wound photo counter US physicians do not Renzhang behavior (video)

Annie Yi sun Caesarean wound photo counter US physicians do not admit behavior [Abstract] Annie Yi Convention does not respond to the media, as expected in the face of the book with the reduction of things through, write a great deal about, even at the most intimate ulcer. Annie Yi: people recognize safe wound healing due to cold and warm sun Annie Yi sexy face book chats Annie Yi face book. Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Annie Yi in the United States Losangeles Caesarean female "rice" in June this year, but in August for readmission for purulent wound debridement surgery, American physician she also delivered without complaint the mother agreed to distribute photos. Yesterday, the doctor Li Duantang issued a statement through the U.S. lawyer, denied the allegations. Annie Yi routinely do not respond to media, as expected in the face of the book with the reduction of things through, write a great deal about, even at the most intimate ulcer. Annie Yi wrote: "thanks to the doctor’s assistant Miss Xu has been to help communicate, this is the entire wound after the treatment of the diagnosis of the procedure, the doctor knows the wound dehiscence? Is there any private anti-inflammatory medicine for me? Did I check in on time? Originally did not want to pester, after it had been, after all, the rice is very cute, can heal all wounds, but it has been a period of time, but has also been clearly innuendo, leaving many voice, record, why make the event more embarrassing to further prove the problem? I would give it all to a lawyer in Losangeles, but I really don’t want to waste time, the elderly two surgeries have been hard enough, I just want to take care of the baby. And lenient wherever it is possible. In second days the United States will go to the hospital to check, and cash to pay all expenses, including the wound beauty needle for additional advice, without any discount, because the trust directly paid in full, if required will be provided to the lawyer paid invoice." She also attached from 9 days after surgery, with the physician assistant dialogue and wound photos, photos can clearly see the wound dehiscence thriller picture, also referred to the Lee and her daughter photo outflow question content. She is also another article that stolen photos, "on the pictures with the physician in the delivery room, the physician with a nurse in said will photo, I never met with doctors in the hospital was requested to take pictures, please inform your doctor specially keep not rumor, I found that this picture has become a pile of recommendation the United States has physician advertising, Hippa method, strict requirements can not be leakage of patient privacy, this photo contains my rice Mr. holding, it is not the adult baby, doctors at the same time, my husband and I violated the privacy of minors in infants. I will send the advertisement to the doctor’s assistant, ask for deletion, and put on the doctor’s letter of apology. Some fans suggested that Annie Yi should be forwarded to the Losangeles side of the mother’s face book group, do not let more women become victims; some people want to calm Annie Yi, take care of the good, the majority of users feel that she had to clarify the privacy of the open wound naked really hard. According to Dr. Li Duantang’s friend Mr. Wang said that after the incident in Annie Yi, due to the influence of Iraq in the face of micro-blog and books, Dr. Lee did encounter many Chinese mothers questioned.相关的主题文章:

Subsidies fall off a foregone conclusion new energy vehicles or cooling – car – vidown

Subsidies fall off a foregone conclusion   new energy vehicles or cooling – car — original title: subsidies for new energy vehicles will fall off or cooling in China is the earliest start of the fiscal subsidy policy of new energy vehicles in the country. But from this year, the state subsidies for new energy vehicles began to fall. Faced with this change, the rapid development of China’s new energy automotive industry will brake it? Just the rise of consumer heat will be cold? Growth and small scattered coexist in a number of policy superposition effect, in recent years, China’s new energy vehicles showing explosive growth. According to the traffic control department of the Ministry of public security statistics, as of the end of 2015, the national new energy vehicles amounted to 583 thousand and 200 vehicles, compared to 2014 soared 169%. In the first 7 months of this year, China’s new energy automobile production and sales were up to 215 thousand and 207 thousand, an increase of nearly twice as much again. However, the hot production and marketing industry development problems. As a policy driven industries, subsidies for the development of new energy vehicles driven by the sustainability of the industry began to show. Song Qiuling, deputy director of the Ministry of economic construction department said, practice has proved that the fiscal policy is effective to foster inclusive primary market of new energy vehicles, but the execution of the policy for a long time, enterprises are prone to dependency syndrome, rickets, lack of technology development and product upgrading of power and pressure, the industry is prone to blind expansion of low level. Yang Jian, vice chairman of Zhejiang Geely Holding Group Company Limited that rely on subsidies to stimulate, so many companies ignore the long-term plan for the development of investment and technological progress. Compared with foreign countries, China’s vehicle platform, lightweight, integrated design and other aspects of electric drive have gaps. According to Cai Yu, deputy director of the Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission, at present there are more than and 200 new energy vehicle manufacturers, the more than 4 thousand models, including the realization of the sales of the more than 1 thousand and 300 models. In other words, the average annual output of less than 3000 vehicles. Thus, the entire industry is small, scattered, chaotic situation is very prominent. According to the Ministry of Finance jointly issued, the Ministry of science and technology, Ministry of development and Reform Commission in April 2015 of the "notice concerning 2016-2020 promote the application of new energy automotive financial support policy, from the beginning of this year, subsidies for new energy vehicles will gradually raise the threshold, the amount of subsidies will greatly decrease. This marks the subsidy policy, starting fall. For example, in 2015 the life of more than 80 kilometers of pure electric vehicles can receive subsidies to 2016, life more than 100 kilometers to get mileage 100-150 km in 2015; the model can be a subsidy of 31 thousand and 500 yuan, in 2016 dropped to 25 thousand yuan. 2017-2018 years, in addition to fuel cell vehicles, the rest of the vehicle subsidy standards in 2016 fell by 20% on the basis of 2019-2020 years, the subsidy standard in 2016, based on the decline of 40%. "Preferential treatment" gradually withdraw the inevitable impact of the policy has been relying on subsidies for the rapid development of China’s new energy automotive industry, in the gradual loss of many industries envy "favorable treatment"相关的主题文章:

Anhui, Jiangxi and other places have moderate to heavy rain in the northern part of the region more demonophobia

Jiangsu Anhui Jiangxi and other places have moderate to heavy rain storm in northern area of weak cold air activities — Environmental Protection — Beijing 30 September, according to reports by the Central Meteorological Observatory, the typhoon "catfish" residual trough, is expected in September 30th, central and southern Jiangsu, Anhui South Eastern Jiangxi, western Fujian, Guangdong East. There is moderate to heavy rain, local heavy rain. October 1st to 2, most of Xinjiang and North Eastern Inner Mongolia, Northeast China don’t have a cold air, the temperature drops generally 4 to 6 DEG C, parts of cooling rate can reach 8 to 10 DEG C. In parts of northern Xinjiang, Western and Eastern Inner Mongolia, northeast and other places in North Central 5 to 6 level wind, the mountain area wind up to 8. Accompanied by cold air, northern Xinjiang, Eastern Inner Mongolia, northeast and other parts of the northern part of the middle to heavy rain. In September 30th 08 to October 1st 08, central and southern Anhui, southern Jiangsu, southeastern Henan, Eastern Jiangxi, southwestern Zhejiang, Western and southern Fujian, southeastern Guangdong and Western Sichuan Plateau in southern and central Yunnan and other places have moderate or heavy rain, local heavy rain (50 ~ 80 mm). In October 1st 08 to October 2nd 08, Western Heilongjiang, Huang Huai, JAC, Northeastern Jiangxi, Eastern Guangdong, Yunnan, Eastern Hainan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, which, in some areas of northern Jiangsu, northeast Anhui, the eastern coast of Guangdong, Yunnan and other places in the middle of the storm (50 ~ 80 mm). Northwest Xinjiang, Eastern Inner Mongolia, northeast and other parts of the northern part of the 5 ~ 6 winds, which can reach up to the level of wind Yamaguchi area of 8. In October 2nd 08 to October 3rd 08, along the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, Northeastern Inner Mongolia, northeast northwest, Eastern Huang Huai, JAC East, Eastern Guangdong, southwestern Yunnan and other places have moderate to heavy rain, which, in eastern Guangdong, local heavy rain (50 ~ 70 mm). Xinjiang along the Tianshan Mountains, the eastern part of Inner Mongolia, northeast and other parts of the northern part of the 5 ~ 6 winds, which can reach up to the level of wind Yamaguchi area of 8. (Zi Rui, Jiang Qi: the early commissioning editor)相关的主题文章:

Eddie Peng Daniel Wu Huang Xiaoming Ming led the army actor muscles; sharing Fitness Tips – Fa pork face

Eddie Peng Daniel Wu Huang Xiaoming Ming led the army   actor muscles; sharing Fitness Tips – Fashion – in the bright starlight entertainment circles, male stars have muscle is not what special things, but the whole body is the perfect practice also is not easy, Ming, Eddie Peng and other actor figure is a metrosexual man benchmark, many. To slobber, boys catch up. For male stars, inevitably there will be a number of occasions in the meat show, such as swimming pools, bathrooms, etc.. Everyone in this era of high value, not only the stars want a good figure, many boys also began to join fitness. Take a stock of entertainment have a good body of the actor. A few good figure member with high popularity of idol drama Ming Ming is entertainment, Ming is the kind of suit dress very beautiful artist, micro open shirt under perfect muscles. Ming said: "I am very easy to build muscle physique, but I don’t often go to the gym, a lot of people go to the gym to just head empty running, exercise, they are not even aware of their movement is not a standard, it is of no significance. My body isn’t working out in the gym." In addition to Ming, entertainment and many male stars of the muscle is very perfect, take a stock of several representatives. Eddie Peng Eddie Peng is the circle of the same muscle and as everyone knows, shortly before Eddie Peng and Wei Chen meet in the gym out of muscle photos, two good figure flipping a metrosexual man all the users. Attracted many users to discuss, we have said: "the muscle body is not the same, want to have the good figure like Eddie Peng." Huang Xiaoming don’t see leader busy film do shareholders and AB show of affection, in fact, fitness he has not fallen. Even have the figure in front of the camera, plus a lot of points, the occasional small dew figure he can conquer the audience with ABS and Mermaid line. Aarif Lee understood, in order to develop their own good figure, Aarif Lee in the entertainment circle is a notoriously "fitness Master". Aarif Lee has repeatedly in the interview to share their "fitness", "said the body as a machine, often do sports in order to improve the operation quality of the machine" Daniel Wu Daniel Wu handsome face has had many fans sister, plus the muscle body is simply not to give many sisters calm opportunity in the movie "Peony Pavilion" in the flesh lens is to let the audience couldn’t breathe. Jiang Jinfu Jiang Jinfu 6 pack, speaking of sports this matter, Jiang kifo is a expert. It is understood that he had a special love sports, in order to win the first place in the home run, the final result is suddenly found himself began to have muscle. But he is enjoying himself, although because of the shooting because can not always play, but Jiang kifo will still use the rest of the time in the studio to do push ups, but lift arm, the 90 of the metrosexual man does not relax their body meat is a moment. (Jiang Qi, commissioning editor: Li?)相关的主题文章:

Beyonce swept the MTV Awards, Rihanna ray modeling talent eyeball – Sohu

Beyonce swept the Rihanna MTV prize, shocking other eyeball Bo – Sohu VMAs awards, held once a year ago, the VMA Video Music is the abbreviation of Award, refers to the music video awards. This award is a star, extraordinary significance. Beyonce, Rihanna, Blaney, A and sister Chicken with Chili and Sichuan Pepper and many other high-profile actress in the room. However, this one the stars shine at night, others seem to have become a foil to Beyonce, the late one belongs to Beyonce. Beyonce (Beyonce) with "Formation" not only won the "Best Video Award" and "Best Female Video Award", is also a professional category complete dasixi, "Best Director Award", "best choreography, best cinematography and best editing award" all in the bag, deliver the goods 8 awards. This year her achievements more than 24 of the total number of song of Madonna, the trophy became the seat was the most VMA artist. One of the winners of the MTV prize is one of the most watched awards. The ceremony, on the red carpet at the moment, it is doomed to a Hibachi audience Beyonce. With her daughter Blue Ivy unveiled the White Star Avenue, the little guy is dressed in the $11000 Mischka Aoki children’s dress dress appeared. And Beyonce looked the same twist braid, became a live version of the main small chocolate. Beyonce in Francesco Scognamiglio 2016 winter Haute Couture gown, pale blue feathers full of energy, clothes on the light off the fishtail drill perspective, Queen B’s charming figure. The golden braid dignified atmosphere, neat and stylish, and complement the collar ornaments. However, the red carpet articles that show her daughter is only a corner of Queen Beyonce of the iceberg. Beyonce will MTV the stage show became his personal concert, singing 15 minutes, Queen of the gas field full. Beyonce incarnation of the stage of the mysterious goddess of love, black lace dress, with a fluffy ponytail. She may be expected early in the MTV awards will be a big harvest, the shape of the award on the preparation of two sets. White lace dress collocation fresh makeup, bare pink lipstick, piaopiaoyuxian; gold pants dress collocation Beige nude makeup, lipstick, Queen s standspresently. MTV the day of the ceremony, although the star of countless, old rivals Beyonce Taylor also did not attend, this can only transfer it with Beyonce Rihanna (Rihanna). On the day of the ceremony, she was invited to the organizers invited to sing four times, many other star fans crazy complained eccentric eyes". Rihanna is to deliver the goods, "Michael – Jackson won the video vanguard award, this award is equivalent to a lifetime achievement award, holding a golden trophy by astronauts, and Drake Drake as guests, on the stage of sweet confession Rihanna two affectionate kiss!相关的主题文章: