Art does not need to be translated Marta Minugi’s device

Art does not need translation: Marta · Minugi’s behavior Marta · device; Minugi "Babel" 25m 2011, in recent years, art historians, critics and collectors to examine the Anglo centric pop art in the review, at the same time, will also look to twentieth Century 60s and 70s since the third world countries and regions of the pop artist especially, female artists play in pop art in the history of the role. Argentina artist Marta · Minugi (MartaMinujin) is one of the outstanding representatives of her creation device, sculpture, behavior and painting media, the works reveal some relations between the history and the present, showing the geographical and ethnic characteristics. Minugi was born in Buenos Aires in 1943, she worked with ·, Andy,, and a discussion about the debt crisis in Latin America, which led to her creative motivation. Minugi bought a batch of corn, a dramatic interpretation of a Argentina to repay foreign debt of the installation art, named "debt". In 1963, Minugi in Paris created the famous "" (livable sculptures) "destruction", which entered the public eye. In 1963, Minugi in her first pieces of apparatus, the artists and the audience in Western dress and leather shoes were invited into the 16 decorative strange room, a couple of indoor luminous wire wrapped around a ball and was in the room activities, to create a future science fiction absurd and real space. This installation is the industry that is the most representative of the Latin American pop art. Books are the extension of memory and imagination, but also an important symbol of Minugi’s artistic creation. The combination of specific historical factors and the artist’s creativity can be used as a symbol to express the thoughts and feelings. In 2011, Buenos Aires celebrated by UNESCO as world book, Minugi spent several languages of the thirty thousand books, stacked up a kingdom of the modern version of the "Tower of Babel" around the world, these books, encyclopedias, dictionaries should have to do, they are placed in metal stents and along the spiral skeleton and circled. The bottom Book tower of the library all over the world, the two layer is the first American book, the three or four layer is the European books, the fifth layer is the sixth layer of the Asian African books, books. The sixteen thousand is stationed in Argentina embassy donated both children’s album, but also philosophical treatises, and the French version of the adventures of tintin. The tower of Babel has become the new landmark of Buenos Aires horizon. The audience along the spiral staircase tower Shijiershang, also can be heard reciting music composer Minugi words, together with various artists in different languages read "book – the book – the book". Minugi often said, "art does not need translation", the artist’s mission is to let the people of the world unite". The book is also the Argentina tower of Babel writer Borges (Jorge Luis Borges). In 1944, he wrote a short story "the famous tower of Babel library"相关的主题文章: