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Hukou copper nine railway bridge waters sinking boat one death source: Jiujiang news, September 14, 2016 04 am, Poyang Lake Hukou copper nine railway bridge area occurred in the sinking boat, fishing boat caused by drowning two people, one people were rescued, one missing. Hukou County local marine department, Hukou water police brigade alarm, rushed to the scene, to carry out searching for missing persons and incident investigation work. The rescued trowman Zhu reflect the incident and his wife Yang in the boat, his wife Yang fell into the water disappeared, and point out the 8169 round of the Xin Tai Long boat. The public security department immediately launched an investigation, and at 06:00 PM, in the Poyang Lake District of Gu Tang Lian waters suspected hit chuantai Long Xin 8169 round to intercept and control. Hukou County local marine department, Hukou Police Brigade, Hukou fishery sector organizations such as search and rescue forces search for missing persons, on the morning of September 16th in the Hukou Bay waters suspected missing bodies, the CSC public security confirmed the death, and the families of missing persons identified as yang. Hukou County Department of maritime affairs at the same time to carry out a comprehensive investigation and evidence collection work, from the current evidence to grasp, can not be identified as the 8169 round of the Thai Xin long ship, and did not grasp the clues of other ships. At noon on September 16, 2016 Xu, suspected of causing the accident, the Thai Long Xin 8169 round of escape. Jiujiang local maritime bureau immediately to the Jiangsu along the Yangtze River, Taizhou maritime agency issued a "water traffic accident case investigation on suspicion of" book, the 8169 round of chuantai Long Xin escape investigation. At present, Hukou safety supervision, public security, maritime fishery, has set up a joint investigation team, the cause is under investigation.相关的主题文章: