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Miss foreign two hand cut season AirPods, will likely appear on Christmas day in October 27, 2016 – the Sohu of science and technology, Apple released a few hours in the new MacBook Pro, on the official website published a message: AirPods will not be sold or on schedule. Although apple in the neutral launched a similar function of PowerBeats 3, is to fill the vacancy on the product. But for the pursuit of a complete apple family bucket users, Beats is not a substitute for AirPods. Today, there is news that AirPods’s waiting period is coming to an end, apple is expected to launch this product before Christmas this year. According to science and technology media CNET reported that the Czech sales platform Alza has started to work on the user’s AirPods. Czech science and technology publications Letem Svetem Applem also said that AirPods will ship in December this year. They predict that AirPods may be able to catch up with the Christmas shopping season. The price will be $159, as previously mentioned. But for apple, AirPods has missed the best shipping opportunity. Although the W1 chip can bring good performance, but with the Beats Solo 3 and PowerBeats these are equipped with W1 chip products appear, AirPods advantage in this area is no longer obvious. At the same time, the love child norm (micro signal: iFanr) analysis in AirPods bounced news release: PowerBeats 3 can wake up the Siri, with W1 chip can ensure the audio transmission performance. Even if you do not talk about the sound tendency, Beats in the accumulation of sound will also lay a good foundation for PowerBeats. According to this point of view, coupled with the misalignment of the shipping time, PowerBeats 3 or will become a substitute for AirPods. Of course, there are users of Apple’s entire family will still choose AirPods knot, but too long waiting period will allow them to produce some dissatisfaction, apple itself is not good. In addition, CNET added in the article, December is only Alza or Letem Applem Svetem shipment date, not the date of shipment announced apple, Czech local Apple Store also no relevant response. Therefore, the accuracy of this message remains to be determined. Liang Menglin (komoleung) believes that "anti heart broken homes", "the list makers don’t let us buy buy buy creed, is bullying. "Sina micro-blog mailbox # welcome attention to love fan children WeChat certified public number: AppSolution (micro signal: AP Bo相关的主题文章: