G20 summit in Hangzhou, the main venue in September 25th 150 yuan tickets open 纪元1701

G20 Hangzhou is the main venue of the summit opened in September 25th 150 yuan tickets for the afternoon of September 19th, according to the release of Qianjiang Century City Management Committee: Thank you for the Hangzhou International Expo Center is the main venue of the G20’s attention. Some time ago, according to provincial requirements, were closed for some time to adjust, the request will be in the Expo Center is expected to open trial, so on 25 September to the open society. The recent opening to visit the summit place the original ticket sales, according to 150 yuan (FIT), 120 yuan (online shopping), 100 yuan (Group) ticket sales. Hangzhou International Expo Center is located in Xiaoshan Qianjiang century city. According to the "Hangzhou city overall plan", Qianjiang Century City and Qianjiang together constitute the new center of Hangzhou city and the central business district of Hangzhou, Hangzhou by the "West Lake times" towards "major initiatives Qiantang River era". Hangzhou International Expo Center covers an area of 190 thousand square meters, the main building consists of 5 floors on the ground and two floors, a total construction area of 850 thousand square meters, the meeting area of 18 thousand square meters, 61 conference rooms, exhibition area of 90 thousand square meters, can accommodate 4500 international standard booths, exhibition halls have 10000 meters. 4000 parking spaces, is a conference, exhibition, hotel, business, office complex of the five formats. International Exhibition Center has 5 floors, 61 meeting rooms, conference hall of 3000 square meters, 1800 square meters of banquet hall, multi-function hall of 1300 square meters, of which the conference hall is equipped with 16 channel simultaneous interpretation, can meet the needs of international conference. Building two layer "Yue Ying to fall off platform the G20" as the theme, the foreign leaders attending the G20 summit in the convoy had arrived here for landscape. Immediately, can enter the reception hall". Four layer G20 the main venue located at the Hangzhou International Expo Center, a total area of about 2000 square meters, 45 meters long square space, embodies the "triangle" simple philosophy. Leaders have attended the reception in front of the five floor air garden. The leaders worked in the office of the five stage luncheon attended the fourth conference and the working luncheon. The luncheon hall is 60 meters in diameter spherical building, an area of about 2500 square meters. The dome for star scene; natural daylight to illuminate the interior space in the outer ring, five ring closure superimposed Chinese landscape scroll, with sound-absorbing function.相关的主题文章: