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Chaoyang Beiyuan Road more than a car chain collision casualties unknown (Figure) – Sohu news scene of the accident, someone involved in serious vehicle damage. Beijing News reporter Zhao Kaidi photo Beijing News News (reporter Zhao Kaidi) at noon today, Beijing Chaoyang District Beiyuan Road and Chunhua Road intersection occurred in the car crash, the vehicle involved in serious injury, the current casualties unknown. Today around 12 in the afternoon, more than a netizen released micro-blog said, Chaoyang District Beiyuan home door a serious car accident, the scene is more tragic." The scene of the scene of the accident released by the user shows that there are a number of vehicles collided, the accident scene, the wounded lying on the ground, blood on the ground. Witnesses Mr. Xu introduction, around 12, he saw the scene of the accident in the car hit the 4. "Turned over two cars, a loaf of bread, a Audi", and the other two cars in the car door, the rear of the car have varying degrees of damage. At 1:40 in the afternoon, reporters came to the scene of the accident, two vehicles rollover scene, a Audi car, the other is a white van. Two car body severely deformed, window glass, debris scattered on the ground, near the van there is a bloodstain. The scene of the accident has been surrounded by cones, there are traffic police in the vicinity of the treatment.相关的主题文章: