Chinese Art Invitational Exhibition held in the United Nations 月丘うさぎ

Chinese art masters Invitational Exhibition held in the United Nations by a number of famous Chinese artists to participate in the "Chinese art masters Exhibition" opened in the evening of November 1st in United Nations Headquarters. More than two hundred guests from the United Nations and the United States all attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The exhibition by the United Nations, the United Nations will China Chinese group, the Chinese social and cultural development foundation, the two agencies jointly organized education. UN assistant secretary general Xu Haoliang, China Consulate General in New York Cultural Counselor Li Liyan, Senior Project Management Department of the UN Secretary General Martin, vice chairman of federation director China and Chinese Artists Association chairman Liu Dawei, the United Nations Chinese group leader He Yong, the United Nations will Chinese President Ji Xiaowei invited to attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition. The ceremony was presided over by Li Maoqi, head of the Chinese Department of the United Nations radio. Counselor Li Liyan speaking at the ceremony, and on behalf of the Consulate General of the cultural office to congratulate artists. He said, today presented here are excellent works China several top artists, these works show fruitful results Chinese culture to the world, to strengthen the eastern and Western culture and art exchanges, promote the dissemination and development of Chinese, culture and art in the overseas promotion of foreign people to better understand the art of painting so as to better China to understand the Chinese culture will undoubtedly play a positive role. Martin, senior project director of the Secretariat of the United Nations Secretariat, said the exhibition showed the diversity of Chinese culture and art in a very solid form. He went to China this summer with the United Nations project to the teapot hometown of Yixing visited, he was very happy on the teapot and Chinese art masters to the United Nations exhibition. The United Nations Chinese group leader Dr. He Yong also said that this exhibition is the first time in the history of the United Nations Special Chinese masters of the art exhibition, the exhibition in the form of novel and elegant, show ingenuity. This exhibition is not only an art exhibition, but also a perfect presentation of Chinese culture. During this period, the master lecture was held to make the people of the United Nations feel the charm of Chinese culture. According to reports, the exhibition was a total exhibition of Chinese art masters Sun Qifeng, Chen Peiqiu, and so on, as well as the Chinese arts and crafts masters, and dozens of pieces of art, the master of Arts and crafts, such as the master of Arts and crafts, such as the master of Chinese Arts and crafts, such as the master of Arts and crafts,, and the master of Chinese arts and crafts, such as the master of. These works represent the depth and height of today’s China painting, full interpretation of the unique charm of art China. By the 96 year old Chinese art master Sun Qifeng and the youngest China ceramic art master Lv Junjie in the creation of purple works has become a major highlight of the exhibition. Vice chairman of the Federation of Chinese China Artists Association chairman Liu Dawei said, "I" tell a good story as Chinese angels "cultural exchanges, have the responsibility and obligation will China excellent culture spread to the world, the exhibition is an important step toward our ideal to take China, expect a younger generation of artists will continue this ideal future relay and inheritance." Chinese ceramic art master Lv Junjie said in his speech, the exhibition will be "purple" and "painting" the art of blending two phase commitment to join China culture show brilliant, this is the cultural exchange event is also the person’s blessing, and he as a new generation of "Yixing biography", is committed to this ancient art heritage)相关的主题文章: