Nga taptap and other core communities to evaluate the endless expedition 步步高i606

The NGA TapTap core community commented "endless expedition" remember ChinaJoy during the father of GTA David Jones so evaluation of "endless expedition": "like in this 2D style time-consuming manufacturers are not many, the pursuit of gorgeous effect more people 3D. And you see it (endless expedition), 2D the world equally astounding. "David’s stirring distance only in the past almost two months," the endless expedition "slipped to the game player before striking. Just the other night, NGA, TapTap and other core high-end game player gathered, for various comments, a game chat, discussion, research, seeking to team Bianzhuohuayang Shuabing, QQ group, game taptap comments area, the world overnight in basic channel irrigation, R & D team also stay up late burst liver to reply game player’s opinion, this scene is like an online chat group, out of love begins with sympathy.   as the second test of the game, the players for the endless expedition, the new test version of the excitement and discussion of the slightest reduction. As the old game player and Mobile Games test information gathering who can not help heart again, also very pleased the people’s eyes was still sharp. Although it is to delete the file test, but still download the experience of a little careless play to the middle of the night…… First of all thank you so hard R & D team, though I have never heard of, but this version of the open, many of the core content is to overthrow the redo, picture and character design is still beautiful, is full of sincerity. Here I would like to give a good explanation of this "endless expedition"   [paladin is this version of the pro son? ] a previous version only four traditional occupation: Warrior, mage, priest, rogue, the new version of the new occupation paladin. Choose the angle of picture is generally looked all add to the occupation choice face many new faces, although the race cannot choose but the optimization, including the game in the role of faces, are more delicate and vivid. But Delaney as a paladin must be planned in bad taste, the two thieves dwarf was so funny with 2333 Douding change battle mode, each occupation skill interface has also changed, the 18 skills of a group of three, each group choose one skill equipment, it can develop different occupation direction, for example ice Fire Mage, every RET T riding and so on, see ideas follow Warcraft design, but also need to improve the content and numerical skills. [scene] is still full of memories of prairie art style in the domestic game can become an independent school, before the scene after level is very good, paper design does not make people feel too cartoon, but is too realistic wind, and taste very heavy. The point is, it brought back a lot of memories of the old generation game player, is this smell! Shuang shuang!! [reset] almost the core combat fighting changes should be noticed in the old game player, the previous version is the traditional round, this time into a semi real time combat, similar to the legendary turret feeling, combat effect is great, fluency and refreshing degree increased. However, due to the constraints of CD time and energy slots, it is necessary to hit the more difficult monsters.相关的主题文章: