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You wake up the sleeping rabbit — Wen Yuan Singapore tour tourism Sohu – this is not a story…… before 1400, then county has moved to Suian landmark, called singapore. Because the amphibious transportation is convenient, quickly became the center of Huihang ancient trade route, called Zhejiang small tianfu. In 1959, the construction of Xin’An River Hydropower Station dam block, Singapore is the vast expanse of water flooded, gathered in the beautiful Qiandao Lake today. Now, Wen Yuan Singapore underwater ancient Lion City in 1400 the resurgence of civilization. Attractions underwater city mysterious return Singapore Baigong, do not change the activation heritage to eat our tongue, "Singapore China Festival" Singapore night, Qiandao Lake, lion culture art festival Wenyuan Singapore address: Jiang Jia Zhen Road No. 88 Shanghai city traffic — wenyuange Singapore — Shanghai Hangzhou high-speed interchange in north of Hangzhou (Qiao Si): Hangzhou around the north line — Hangzhou South Interchange (Yuan Pu) – Hangxinjing – (Hangzhou high-speed) — Qiandao Lake branch – Chun line Hangzhou – Wen Yuan Singapore Hangzhou high speed (Hangxinjing speed) — Qiandao Lake branch – Chun Nanjing line — wenyuange Singapore – Nanjing Hangzhou Expressway "Hangzhou Nan Zhuang Dou entrance" directly on the Hangzhou high-speed beltway – – yuan Pu exports — Hangxinjing high-speed line — Qiandao Lake — this is my Chun line starting from Shanghai, Boarded the high-speed rail to the east of Hangzhou, more than an hour to the east of Hangzhou. The scenic car to pick, because in G20, some road block, opened about 4 hours to Wen Yuan singapore. Sleeping in the city has been revived, although these days the outside temperature may have reached 40 degrees, but I still couldn’t help to find out the East street. Wen Yuan Singapore is a bit like Shanghai pier base film, because of hot weather, so few tourists. It gives me more room to play folk songs. "Blind A Bing" dress complete pulling "Moon", uncle very dedicated, so hot weather, outdoor wear so thick costumes, admired. Windows, roof, stone, lake, this is a typical Jiangnan beautiful scene. Sit on the car, to make underwater underwater city, the ancient history of reproduction. We rode on the back of the turtle search before 1400 Singapore thriving and prosperous. Scenic area with a 360 degree panoramic VR experience, is the first to immersive virtual reality games and Cultural Park combining the experience, experience the full range of underwater city and through the bustling quest. Can be found in the City Museum of ancient lion city lives past and present and future. A shadow, not only to attract children, also attracted us. On the streets and the rent clothing, with streets Street, is true, ten yuan per set. But the weather is too hot, only to give up. Boarded the top of the tower, a glance at the beautiful Qiandao Lake. The Museum of the Qiandao Lake scenic area now also launched parent-child activities Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore platinum Ree Hotel address: Jiang Jia Zhen Lion City Road No. 88 scheduled links: the hotel by the Hangzhou New World Cultural Development Co. Ltd. invested, the lake bottom of the ancient city of "lion city" reduction ashore. In the project of Qiandao Lake Wenyuan Singapore platinum Ree Hotel by Green International Hotel management!相关的主题文章: