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5 well-known brokerage Wednesday bullish 6 plates 35 shares (list) Sina App: Live on-line blogger to listen to expert guidance on forest stock selection Jiepan Niugu tournament Bank: pay attention to the bank actively marginal changes recommended 6 stocks investment advice: since August 10th, the CBRC statistics on commercial banks in the two quarter of the main regulatory indicators the disclosure of bank non-performing loans ratio appeared to stabilize the trend, and the chain of non-performing rate of Q1 flat, remained at 1.75%, compared to the same period provision coverage also terminate the downward trend, the provision coverage ratio edged up to 176% 1pct. The reason, on the one hand, the first half of the government to increase investment in infrastructure and real estate sales driven by corporate earnings improve the downstream industry chain, on the other hand, the bank also made the corresponding adjustment of asset structure, increase infrastructure, mortgage related loans, loans to the corresponding compression excess production high bad industry, we believe that the recent the listed banks have disclosed in the report will also be verified for bad positive marginal changes. In view of the current short-term economic rebound brought positive changes in bank fundamentals and the banking sector in the low valuations, the market for bank asset quality concerns are the basic valuation reflected, we maintain the industry buy rating, concern plate configuration and defense value; stock recommendations focus on Ningbo, Societe Generale, Bank of Beijing, Nanjing China Merchants, Shanghai Pudong Development bank. GF Securities: coking coal prices rose rapidly recommended 7 stocks this week, coal prices continued to rise sharply, coking coal prices entered a rapid rise in the channel, the price of coking coal is expected to continue to be super logic verification. In particular, coking coal imports rose significantly, high-quality coking coal in Tangshan CIF prices have exceeded $130 mark, with the quality of the domestic coal price is RMB about 150 yuan more expensive, imports will continue to decrease, and promote the development of domestic coal production is expected to increase compensatory growth, in September the national coal will be widened. Development and Reform Commission from this month to increase the intensity of supervision, large-scale production capacity is about to begin. Pay attention to the price of coking coal than expected rise, the key recommendation of Lu’an, Jizhong energy, Yangquan coal, Xishan coal, Shaanxi coal, lanhuakechuang six coal company. Also recommended that engaged in the disposal of non-performing assets with the coal background of the disposal of non-performing assets, Hyde shares. Shen Wanhongyuan: good health care and the development of Chinese medicine treatment recommended 8 shares to give priority to the development of "people’s health", "health Chinese 2030" programme of action, that is to focus on the grassroots level, to reform and innovation, both traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, prevention, health into all policies, people sharing. In August 26th, the meeting pointed out that the "health Chinese 2030" plan in the next 15 years is to promote the construction of mobile health program, Chinese also stressed that the party committees and governments at all levels should strengthen their sense of responsibility and urgency, to people’s health strategic priority, study and formulate supporting policies. Among the 5 basic medical and health system of the first treatment soon change: National Health and health conference pointed out that we must focus on promoting the construction of basic medical and health system, efforts in the diagnosis and classification system and the modern hospital management system, medical insurance system, drug supply theory相关的主题文章: