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2020 Guizhou waterway navigation mileage will reach 4100 kilometers into the "sea Tongjiang" – Beijing, Beijing, Guiyang, November 15, (Zhou Yanling) 2020, Guizhou waterway navigation mileage of 4100 kilometers, water transportation capacity of 50 million tons, the port throughput capacity exceeded 40 million tons, the initial formation of Guizhou "sea Tongjiang" waterway transportation system. Reporter 15 from the Guizhou provincial government office was informed of the news. Guizhou is located in the hinterland of Southwest China, "no, not, not along the coastal border, but the volume of water resources, with uniform, low cost, high strength, excellent location, per square kilometer has 106 kilowatts of hydropower resources, China ranked third. At present, because the navigation gate dam, 6 water in Guizhou province from the channel in addition to the Chishui River, the remaining 5 were locked in a hydropower dam, originally the sea Tongjiang river was cut off cut for closed River, waterway resulted in the loss of long-distance transport function. To break the closed river situation, in September 20, 2013, Guizhou Province issued the "Guizhou Province Waterway Construction of three battle plan", put forward 3 years to open up the Tongjiang sea water transport channels, the completion of the Guizhou people of the century "water dream". 2016 is the three year of waterway construction "last year. Guizhou provincial transportation bureau Party committee, deputy director Han Jianbo said that at present the rivers in Guizhou province 50 kilometers in length of more than a total of 93, covering 74 counties (city, district), Guizhou, Wujiang, Qingshui River, Red River waterway three included in the national high-grade inland waterways layout planning. "At the end of 2015, the province’s Waterway mileage of 4000 kilometers, water fast development." Han Jianbo said that the Guizhou waterway north through the Chishui River, Wujiang, river water into the Yangtze River through access to Shanghai, south of the Red River and the Pearl River to enter through Hong Kong and Macao, Tongjiang sea water can be described as "both ways". Since the "three years of waterway construction since the start, the sustained growth of Guizhou Province Waterway construction investment, as of the end of October 2016, investment in fixed assets totaled 7 billion 170 million yuan, Guizhou province is the" 12th Five-Year "plans to invest 6 billion 330 million yuan in total 1.1 times, Guizhou is also the history of investment of the fastest growth period. Han Jianbo said that in 2020 the total flow of goods in Guizhou will reach 12 tons, of which the provincial traffic accounted for 50%, will reach 6 tons. Three years of waterway construction during the construction period, Guizhou made effective exploration of "shipping +" mode of development. In late June 2016, Guizhou’s first tourism channel project — Mekong tourism navigation, marking the Guizhou shipping and tourism "into effect, at present, Tongren Libo Zhang Jiang Jinjiang shipping tourism development project, also in the development and construction. Han Jianbo said, "13th Five-Year" period, Guizhou waterway development will achieve five breakthrough, the total investment 22 billion yuan, the investment to quadruple the total; to achieve the Province Waterway completed; to form a government guidance, social oriented financing mode; the province’s shipbuilding capacity of 300 thousand tons, the port throughput of 3000)相关的主题文章: