34Accounting for PS4 70%! PS4 Pro Japan’s first week sales of over 60 thousand – Sohu digital|Accounting for PS4 70%! PS4 Pro Japan’s first week sales of over 60 thousand – Sohu digital5

Accounting for PS4 70%! PS4 Pro Japan’s first week sales of over 60 thousand – Sohu digital     according to foreign media GameSpot reported that the Japanese media recently released PS4  Pro’s first week sales. From November 10th to 14 in the four days, PS4 , Pro sales reached 65194 units. And this week, PS4 also sold nearly 100 thousand units, PS4  Pro accounted for the total number of SONY’s PS4 series host sales of 70%. This is a relatively good performance for SONY. Accounting for PS4 70%! PS4  Pro Japan’s first week sales of over 60 thousand (pictures from Google)       with PS4  Pro models listed, PS4 is bound to be affected. But it is worth mentioning that, SONY has stopped production of the original PS4, the current market there is PS4  Slim and PS4  Pro two models. These two models with respect to the original PS4 in the noise to achieve a certain control. But obviously, PS4  Pro is not yet the best choice for PS4 users.         after the Japanese media have reported that part of the VR game bound due to hardware performance on the PS4 platform, so the compromise in quality, in order to ensure the fluency of the game at the expense of quality, monocular resolution of 810P. But this situation in PS4  Pro was completely absent, because the performance of the hardware upgrade, PS4  Pro to VR games will enhance the resolution to the monocular 1080P, and strengthen the anti aliasing effect, the real pure hd.

11FAW Volkswagen Wei for a mood to drive – Sohu car|FAW Volkswagen Wei for a mood to drive – Sohu car4

FAW Volkswagen Wei for a mood to drive – Sohu car weather surprisingly good. Another kind of moisture I and FAW Volkswagen PR Director Li Pengcheng sit in the ancient city of Dali in a cafe two floor balcony is half a day. On the left is right is Erhai, Cangshan, under the autumn sun, downstairs is the visitors by twos and threes. The only regret is that Li Pengcheng is a handsome guy. So we can only talk about the industry and the market. "What do you think about the market?" He asked. "To be honest, this is a very small niche market. Moreover, in the foreseeable future, China will not fire." Li Pengcheng was not happy – everyone is bright people. "But," I continued, "niche market also has a big future." The market share of the passenger car may be small, but the size of our passenger car market is about 20000000. 1% also has about 200000. Wei collar if you can monopolize the market, the prospects are considerable ah. A person who owns a 200 thousand market is far better than the market of 100 people sharing the 10 million. At first, SUV was not fire up, when he was deputy general manager of Dongfeng Honda executive Liu Yuhe said similar words: occupy a large share in a niche market segments, as well as live very moist. In fact, the years of Dongfeng Honda with CR-V was a niche models, live longer than most manufacturers are moist. But it may also be made a mistake, Dongfeng Honda later introduced a more niche models — spirior, results for this joint venture manufacturers oppressed for many years. So, you never can not be generalized. Rich and colorful is the origin of happiness now SUV too hot, but not every one can share the cake. The total amount of SUV is large, last year, more than 6 million, but the models are also more than a few dozen good one hundred! And it’s still growing. On average, each sales are limited. Prior to September of this year, the cumulative sales of 100 thousand vehicles, but the SUV of the same period in the same period, sales of over 100 thousand cars have a total of 26 models of. Old deer from an ordinary point of view to eat melon, is very welcome to a non SUV new car market. A similar SUV with a launch, I have some fatigue. What did Wang Xiaobao say? "Rich and colorful is the source of happiness" – this may not be Wang Er said, he just cited a. Anyway, the old deer saw this in the book of Wang two and thought it was. Each time, at the intersection of the crowded city parking lights, around a water SUV, has been quite tired of the old deer. So, I was reminded of the words of Wang Xiaobao: "let’s fuck the aesthetic taste of what time to restore the old concept"! (perhaps the meaning of ah, don’t try too hard.) In the A-class car market, the Volkswagen Group has been up to a dozen cars, and now a new blue collar, in the market level, the public is the second to none, and these models, the difference is that.